Write the type of neurons

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Type of neurons:-

Neurons have been classified into three groups on the basis of their funcation –

  1. Sensory neurons

  2. Motor neurons

  3. Inernuncial neurons

Sensory neurons:-

These neurons connect various seonsory organs to the CNS  and there by transmit nerve impulses form the sensory organs to CNS . Therefore, these are also referred to as afferent neurons.

Motor neurons:-

These neurons provide  nervous connection between CNS and the effector organs and transmit responses form brain or spinal cord to effectors hence these are referred to as efferent neurons.

Inernuncial neurons:-

Such neurons provide mutual connections between neurons of the CNS.

       On the basis of the number of processes coming out of the cyton of the neuron, these have been divided into the following kinds-

  Apolar neuron:-

In such neurons, many process are present but there is no functional differentiation.

Unipolar neuron:-

In such neurons, only one process comes out of cyton which is the axon.

Bipolar neuron:-

Such neuron contain only one axon and one dendrite. Such neuron are found in the retina of eye and in the epithelium of olfactory organs.

Multipolar neuron:-

Such neuron have only one axon but many dendrites.

Pseudounipolar neuron:-

Actually such neuron are bipolar but they seem to be unipolar. Neurons of the dorsal root ganglia of the spinal nerves are of this type.

unipolar neuron