What is WWW? and how does it work

What is www? and how does it work:- Hello friends  All of you are welcome once again in yourstudinotes.com, today we have brought www-related information for you. I hope you like the information given by us, so stay tuned on our website.

What is www:-

What is www ? and how does it work Friends, You will have many questions in your mind regarding www, which you would like to know, maybe many people know what www is but people who do not know or those who want to know then Today’s post has been written for this reason, so stay tuned on this website of ours.

We also call www as word wide web. This is a wide network of networks, world wide web is the service of the internet. This is a service through which you can access any kind of data on the Internet, such as image, movie, audio, any kind of notes, etc.

www and internet are interconnected, if there is no one of these, then the dust will not work without the internet www cannot work and without www, it is useless to have internet. The world wide web is a repository of information, it stores all the information around the world, the world wide web is one such technology. Where many computers are connected together. Which do the work of the network.
world wide web is the central hub to store information, here all the information stores around the world reside. Identifies web resources by linking to world wide web URL (uniform resource locator). It connects resources and users to the Internet through HTTP.

History of world wide web:-

The world wide web was invented by Tim Berners Lee, he also invented the internet. www was introduced in the year 1989 but in 1991 the world wide web was reached in most parts of the world.

How does www work:-

Friends, till now we have known what is www? And who developed it? Now we will know-how world wide web works.

When a user enters the URL in the address bar of the browser such as – yourstudynotes.com then the browser sends a request for the IP address of the domain name server URL. And once the IP address is found, the web browser sends a request for the web page to the web server through the HTTP protocol. Communicates HTTP browser and web server with each other. and keep each other connected. After that the web server accepts his request through HTTP and then searches the page and after searching responds to the web browser. Then after that, the web browser receives that page.

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