What is Wordpad in the computer?

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Wordpad in computer:-

Word Pad is a text editor, which is helpful in creating documents with some more features than Notepad but a few fewer features than MS Word. Word Pad is included in every version of Windows. it is a window accessories program. Many types of formatting can be done in a Word pad document. For example, formatting of selected word, line, or paragraph can be done inside Wordpad, whereas formatting of the selected word, line, and paragraph cannot be done inside Notepad. The Word pad window looks like this.

How to open WordPad:-


  •  To start Word pad, first, we will press window + R.
  •  After pressing Window + R, the Run box will open in front of you.
  •  After that type Wordpad command in the run box and press enter, Wordpad will open.


  •  First, you click on the start button given on the computer screen.
  •  After that look at the search box and type Wordpad in it.
  •  After that, the result will be shown in front of you in which you have to right-click on Wordpad.
  •  After that, your Wordpad will open
  •  WordPad Button:-

WordPad Button is a major part of Word Pad, this button is in the Menu/Tab Bar. In this button, many options are given for the file created in WordPad. In this, you are given commands to save, open, print, etc. to Word Pad Documents, through these commands, work is done on WordPad Documents.

  • Quick Access Toolbar:-

The Quick Access Toolbar is a special part of Word Pad. This toolbar is in the title bar. We use it as a shortcut. Most of the useful commands are added to this toolbar and they are added to it. With the help of Quick Access Toolbar, work is done quickly in Word Pad.

  • Title Bar:-

We know the top line of Word pad as the title bar, in which we are given Wordpad’s icon, document title, minimize, maximize, restore down and close button, etc.

  • Ribbon:-

The Ribbon is another part of the Word Pad window, below the Title Bar. In this section, the options for Word Pad Tabs are shown.

  • Ruler bar:-

The Ruler Bar is located just above the text area in the WordPad window. This gives us an idea of ​​the Page Margin. How much page margin is done before or after creating a Word Pad document. To show that much margin, the Ruler is placed on both sides i.e. on the right and left side in the Ruler Bar. Then the text that is written does not go out of them.

  •  Status bar:-

The Status bar is located just below the text area in the Word Pad window. This bar has a tool called “Zoom Level”, with the help of which the page can be zoomed in and zoomed out.

  • Text Area:-

Text Area is the most important part of Word Pad. And this is the largest and middle part of the Word Pad window. The document text is written in this field.

word pad run command:-

wordpad’s run command is wordpad.


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