What is m.s paint? how to use m.s paint?

What is m.s paint? how to use m.s paint?:- Hello friends, everyone is once again welcome to yourstudynotes. com, today we are going to tell you through this post. If you are going to tell about m.s paint, then stay tuned on this website, so let’s start.

M.S Paint:-

MS Paint is a simple drawing editor available in every version of Windows. MS Paint allows the user to do simple drawings and along with this, some photos can also be edited.

MS Paint is an important tool in WINDOW, with the help of this tool we can make drawings, drawings, and maps, etc. It is also called a paintbrush.

You can also open MS Paint on your computer and see, so let’s know how to open MS Paint.

How to Open MS Paint

Method I

Step 1: – To start MS Paint, first, we will press window + R.

Step 2: – After pressing Window + R, the Run box will open in front of you.

Step 3:- After that type MS paint command in run dialog box and press enter, MS Paint will open

Method II

Step:- 1 First you click on the start button given on the computer screen.

Step:- 2 After that look at the search box and type MS Paint in it.

Step:- 3 After that the result will be shown in front of you in which you have to click on MS Paint.

Step:- 4 After that your MS Paint will be open

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