What Is ECG?(Electrocardiogram)

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During the origin and conduction of beat, the generation and spread of excitation in the heart can be studied not only by recording the electric potential from single muscle cells or from the surface of the heart , but also by registering weak electrical changes on the body surface . The fact is that with the development of a difference in electric potential between the excited and non-excited areas of the heart, line of electrical force spread over the entire body. consequently, typical tracing reflecting the oscillations of potentials can be registered by applying electrodes to certain points on the body. This method of studying the electrical activity of the heart is known as electrocardiography, and the tracing registered as electrocardiogram. Actually electrocardiogram is a graphic record generated due to stimulation of cardiac muscles.

Electrocardiography , and the tracings registered as electrocardiogram. Actually electrocardiogram is a graphic record generated due to simulation of cardiac muscles. Electrocardiography is widely used in medicine as a diagnostic method for determining the character of certain disturbances of cardiac activity.

Electrocardiogram is recorded with a special instrument called electrocardiograph . It was invented by Einthovan in 1903 he is called father of electrocardiography.

A typical cardiogram consists of five waves called P, Q, R, S and T waves. P, R and T above the base line of the ECG hence called positive waves, While Q and S waves are found below the base line, hence called negative waves. P waves is a small ascending waves which represents extension of cardiac impulse through the atria, or depolarization of the atria. The QRS complex of waves start as a descending deflection, then become a large triangular straight ascending R wave which ends in a descending S waves .QRS Complex depicts depolarization of AV node, bundle of hit and purkinje fiber. IT mean it show ventricular depolarization.

P-Q interval represents atrial contraction and last 0.1 seconds. RS interval of QRS complex and S-T interval show ventricular contractions . T Wave exhibits termination of ventricular systole and its gradual diastole.