What is Concept of health and disease

What is Concept of health and disease :- The state of one’s health is reflective of an individual’s ability to meat life’s challenges and maintain his or her capacity for optimal functioning. The requires the various aspect of one’s makeup i.e. mental, physical and biochemical to maintain a level of functioning that has a positive influence and support for one another.

What is Concept of health and disease
What is Concept of health and disease


Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Types/Dimension of Health

  1. Physical Health
  2. Mental Health
  3. Social Health
  4. Spiritual Health

Physical Health

It implies “perfect functioning” of the body. Energetic has good posture weighs normal for age and height has all body organs functioning normally, has bright eyes has good textured and shining hair, gets sound sleep, has a good appetite, has a clean breath. A person is physically healthy if he or she looks alert and responsive.

Mental Health

It is the ability of on individual to adjust with the surrounding world and society such that be lives harmoniously with others. The characteristics of mental health are self satisfaction, self confidence and adjustment with others.

Social Health

It is the ability of on individual to adjust with society. The characteristics of social health are proper social functioning with community.

Spiritual Health

It refers to that part of the individual which reaches out and strives for meaning and purpose in life. It involves physiology.

Determination of Health

  1. Heredity
  2. Environment
  3. Life style
  4. Social economic condition
  5. Health Service


Geans determine the health of an individual from the movement of conception. Some disease like diabetes and mental retordation have genetic origin.

Life Style

It means the way people live. It include culture behaviour and also have it like smoking and alcoholism.


Which are caused by change in environment like air, water, climate etc.

Socio-economic condition

The include income education nutrition employment and housing.

Health Services

The aim of Health and Family Welfare service is to treat disease prevent illness and promotion of health.

Indicators of Health

  1. Mortality Indicator
  2. Mobility IIndicators
  3. Disability Rates
  4. Nutritional status Indicators
  5. Environment Indicator
  6. Social and mental health indicator

Mortality Indicators

Death rate is an important indicator of health in a Community Dealth rate calculated by a following formula.

Morbility Indicator

The various mobility indicator are incidence rate, prevalence rate, notification rate, Hospital attendance, admission and discharge rate.

Disability Rate

These include days of restricted activity bed disobility days and work less days.

Environment Indicators

They include proportion of the population who get safe water and also indicators relating to potassium of air, light any water.

Nutritional status Indicators

They are measurement of height, weight and mid arm circumference.

Social & Mental Health indicator

suicides smoking alcoholism and drug abuse.

Concept of Disease

The concept of disease has been the subject of a vast, vivid and versatile debate.

This is a central motion to modern health care it effect societyyand is important to the process of discovering and identify disease entires.


It is defined as any deviation from normal functioning or state of complete physical or mental well being. The end result of disease maybe recovery disability or death.

Concept of Prevention of health

The goals of medicine are to promote health to Preserve health to restore health when it is impaired and to minimise suffering and distress.

  1. Primary Prevention
  2. Secondary Prevention
  3. Tertiary Prevention

Primary Prevention

It is the action taken prior to the most onest of disease. The intervention is taken at the prepathogenesis phase of the disease.

Secondary Prevention

It is the action taken of the early stage of a disease which half the process of disease and prevent complication.

Tertiary Prevention

It is the action taken after the disease has advanced beyond the early stage.