What is animal nutrition? in biology

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Animal nutrition:-

The utilization of the nutrients by any organism for growth repairing and development and to obtain energy is called as nutrition. students should understand clearly the differences between food and food stuff and the nutrients. Nutrients include particular groups of chemical compound like proteins, fats, charbohydratesns , vitamins and minerals which are found in different food stuffs in different amounts.

Modes of nutrition:-

The mode of Nutrition varies in different organisms. Om the basis of modes of obtaining food nutrition is divided into following types-

(A) Autotrophic Nutrition:-

The mode of nutrition in which an organisms synthesizes all tha required organic materials itself is called autotrophic nutrition and such type of organisms are known as autotrophs. Autotrophs absorb essential inorganic compound from their environment as raw material to synthesis complex food. They are divided into two main categories on the basis of source of energy required for the synthesis of food.

  1. Phototrophs (Photoautotrophs):-

Most of the autotrophs like green plants, Euglena, Volvox etc. have chlorophyll and convert the solar energy into chemical energy in the process of photosynthesis. carbon required for this synthesis is obtained through assimilation of carbon dioxide. Phototrophs also include bacteria having bacteriochlorophyll like purple sulphur Bacteria Chlorobium.

2. Chemotrophs (Chemoautotrophs):-

Most of the bacteria like sulphur bacteria Beggiatoa thiobacillus, iron bacteria Ferrobacillus and Lepiothrix use energy derived from oxidation of inorganic carbon. Such type of organisms are called Chemotrophs.

(B) Heterotrophic Nutrition:-

Almost all animal derive presynthesised read made organic food for their nutritional requirements.For this these animal depend on plants or animal directly or indirectly. Such animals are called heterotrophs and this mode of nutrition heterotrophic nutrition.

On the basis of type of food and feeding habits the hetrotrophic nutration is classified into following groups.

  1. Holozoic Nutrition:-

In such type of nutrition as animal consumes plant or animal as whole or a part of it in solid or liquid form. Most of the free living acellular protists and all animals show holozonic nutrition

On the basis of type of food and feeding habits the heterotrophic nutrition is classified into following group:-

  • Herbivores
  • carnivores
  • ommivores
  • Insectivores
  • Frugivores
  • Sanguivores
  • Detritivores

2. Saprobiotic Nutrition:-

organisms deriving their food from dead and decaying organic matter are called saprobiotic organisms (saprobictes). for example fungi.

3. Parasitic Nutrition:-

Animal Which derive their food from other living organisms (hosts) are called parasites. Parasites live in or on the body of host and obtain food in liquid form. Such type of nutrition is called parasitic nutrition such as Ascaris, liverfluke, tapeworm, Plasmodium etc.

4. Symbiotic nutrition:-

A mutually beneficial relationship between two different organisms is called symbiotic relationship and the nutrition derived through this relationship is called symbiotic nutrition. When both the organisms of the association the benefited the condition is known as mutualism. When one patner is benefited but the other one is not harmed or remain unaffected the association is called commensalism. Friendly Bacteria residing in the intestine of human beging is a good example of symbiosis – mutualism.


Food required for the production of energy of perform life processes, for the synthesis of various structrual constituents of the cells, and to provide resistance against diseases. Cereals, pulses, oil seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits, milk products are different food stuffs included in our food. fish meat and poultry form other categories of food stuff. The chemicals present in these food stuffs are used by us as nutrients.

Components of food:-

Food has following six components:

  • proteins
  • carbohydrates
  • Lipids (fats)
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Water