What is a computer desktop in the computer?

What is a computer desktop in the computer:- Hello Friends welcome to yourstudynotes.com That is, when the first screen that is shown after the computer is on is called Desktop, it has a System Icon, Program Icon, File and Folder and some shortcut icons for quick access to the programs which are most used. There is a lot on the desktop apart from all these, there is a Recycle box and Start Button and Search box and apart from all this there is also a Task Bar along with it there is also a System try on which Date and Time Language Setup, etc. . It is possible that we can easily use any item from the desktop, but only those files and folders or programs that are used the most should not be kept unnecessary files and folders on it, because making the desktop more full, our MS Window Operating System Can Be Deleted/Crept.

There are many programs on the desktop

  • My Computer/This PC
  • Recycle bin
  • taskbar
  • Start Button
  • File and Folder

1. My Computer/This PC

With the help of this program, we can locate various devices of the computer, manage File and Folger in it, all Disk, Device, and Camera, etc. In My Computer, we can access our computer’s storage unit and hard disk partition.

2. Recycle Bin

There is a special function of Recycle Bin Window, with the help of which you can easily save your deleted file and folder, every object deleted from the hard disk is immediately put in Recycle Bin, you can open this bin later anytime. And if needed, we can store the removed object again at the old place.

3. Taskbar

The taskbar is a very important part of Desktop Locking can be done, it can be hidden, in this, you can move the taskbar from one place to another and if more programs are opened then they can also be grouped, there is a right-hand side system try on which Notification Ares. It has Time and Date, Network and Show and Hides Icon, etc. And it also has Left Hand Side Start Button and Search Box.

4. Start Button

Start Button is on the left side of the taskbar, in this, all the programs of the window and the programs we install are automatically added to it and they can be used later from the Start Button is a very important part of our computer. It happens that there are many options for example- Control Panel, Network, MS Office, Window Accessories, etc.

5. File and Folders

The file created in a computer is stored on some medium like Hard Disk, Pen Drive, etc. With the help of File and Folder, we can store any data, File, and Folder are very important in our computer.

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