The problem of unemployment 

Hello friends me Sakshi gupta aaj apko is post ke through batane ja rhi hu The problem of unemployment ke bare me to chaliye start krte hai wese to friends aap sabhi jaante hoge ki unemployment ka means kya hota hai pr phir me bta deti hu unemployment ka means (बेरोजगारी) hota hai wese to hamari country me bahut si problem hai lekin  unemployment ki problem bahut hi serious problem hai to me aaj is post ke through batane ja rhi hu ki iske solution kya hai or isse kya kya effect hote hai.


  • Introduction

  • Types of employment

  • Cause of unemployment

  • Effects of unemployment

  • Solution of unemployment

  • conclusion


our country faces many problem. The problem of unemployment is very serious problem in India today. Unemployment means lack of employment for those who are willing to work. It is the towns as well as in whole country. It is a social and economic problem.

types of unemployment:-

There are several types of unemployment in India. Out of them there are main Agricultural, Industrial and Educational. Agricultural unemployment is due to the fact that most of us depend on agriculture. industrial unemployment is due to the fact  that most of the cattage are neglect but the most serious problem of middle class educated person.

cause of unemployment:-

There are many cause of unemployment in our country. The main cause of unemployment is the increasing of population, The job and the work can not be created in the same way. So a large number of people are left unemployment our education system is also responsible for this problem. Increasing of machine are also cacuses of unemployment the import of foreign is the causes of unemployment.

Effect of unemployment :-

Lack of employment drgee  our youth in warriors crimes such as theft looting passengras and sometime murdering. The youth are so sad that they commid  suicided. They feels in various social evils and become the victims of terrorist. Our country can not progress in the condition.

Solution of unemployment:-

If we want to solve the problem of unemployment we must stop the growing population the family planning methods should be made popular. The present system of education should be change. The government should open technical collage. The small industries should develop. The marriage is should be raised. The foreign import should be banned.


So all kinds of step should be taken by the government we are have be to know that our government is giving loon to the middle class educated person to start the business these step will have in solving the problem of unemployment. Then our country become a circular these step makes India a strong country.