The Importance Of Newspaper In Our Life

The Importance Of Newspaper In Our Life:-Hello friends welcome to¬† . today topic is newspaper . So let’s start.


Today newspaper play is very important role in our daily life. They have become as Important as food and clothes. In cities morning tea is not taken without a newspaper in hand. The Four Letter word ‘News’ stand for all the direction . The East, The Wast, The North and The South . In this Way the newspaper brings us information form far and near.

the importance of newspaper in our life

Democratic Value:-

In a democratic country The newspaper has a very important place. The newspaper is a link between the public and the government the newspaper is a weapon in the hands of the public. The government and the public both explain their view through the newspaper.

Educative Value:-

There is a great education value of newspaper articles of various subject appear in the newspaper there are in teresting staries incident and titerary critism the newspaper they gives window knowledge of many subject the idea of people can not travels without the newspaper.

Importance of business:-

In modern time the newspaper are very important to the business men throught the newspaper , They can advertise their things they gives the market information also the new generation get knowledge about the game and sport through the newspaper.

Medium of advertisement :-

The newspaper is a good source of advertisement situation vacant and situation wanted columns help the unemployed people to find their jobs matrimonials columns help the unmarried people to find their marriage.


The future of newspaper is very bright in our countary they have proved the development of the human civilization in the words of jemes ellis the newspaper is the mirror of the world so we can say that the newspaper is very that the newspaper is very important to us .