´╗┐Structure of Hair and Hair Growth Cycle

Structure of Hair and Hair Growth Cycle :- Hair is the simple structure that made of proton flament called cretine. Hair out as a barrier of foreign particles. it is important part of appearance and create gender identify. Hair is the only body structure that can complete renews it self without scaring. Hair is made up of two separate structure.

structure of hair

Structure of hair

In this basic hair structure you can see that shaft has three layer.

  1. Cuticle (Outer Layer)
  2. Cortex (Middle Layer)
  3. Medulla (Inner Layer)

Cuticle Layer

Cuticle is made up of 6 to 11 layer over lapping semi-transparent cretine scales. Some with thick course hair will have more over lapping layer of cuticle that someone with fine their.


Cortex give flexibility and tensils strength to hair and contain melanin. Granual which give hair it color. Cortex is made from tiny fibres of cretine.


The Medulla is a honeycomb structure with air space inside.

Hair growth Cycle

There are three phase of hair growth cycle.

  1. Anagen
  2. Catagen
  3. Telogen

Once the hair growth cycle start it should keep going and never stops. For certain types of hair in certain regions of the body that exactly what happen . Public hair and body hair for will continuously keep on growing through out of life.


Anagen is the hair growth phase it usually last 3 to 5 years. Hair growth rate 3 mm per week.


During catagen t he Hair follicles breakdown active hair growth stop and certain cell in the follicles die causing it two shorten. But as a does so part of the outer read sheet stage attached to the dermal papilla ready for the next hair growth the cycle to begin. Catagen only 2 to 3 week.


Telogen of the period of the rest for the hair follicles telogen last 3-4 month about 10% of hair follicles are in the telogen at any one time.