Screen element of m.s word 2013

Screen Element Of M.S Word 2013:- Hello friends Sakshi Gupta I welcome you once again today at Today we are going to tell you about M.S word that screen what is in it and what about them is used.

Screen Element:-

Screen element i.e. the element we see after M.S word is open is called Screen element. By the way, many new things have come in Friends M.S word 2013. There are many things in Screen element of M.S word such as – Title bar , Quick access tool bar, Ruler, Tabs, Groups, Work area etc. Today we will tell you about these simple things by describing them well, then read this post of ours completely and stay on our website.

Screen element of m.s word 2013
Screen element of m.s word 2013

Title bar:-

Title bar is the first bar of M.S word, in which the name of the file of MS Word is given. It has three buttons Close, Maximize / Restore button, Minimize and it also has the option of Help Button and it also has Show & Hide Group Button. With the help of this we can Show & Hide the Group.

Quick Access Tool bar:-

The Quick Access Tool Bar is on the left hand side of the title bar, in which there are some tools that are used by the user again and again or the user needs a lot of tools. These tools are inserted there. We can also insert and remove these tools according to our wish. In this there is a button of the custom tool bar. With the help of which we can insert and remove any button.


Tabs are on the bar just below the title bar, it is a type of Commend Button, there are many Commands & Groups inside it, it is of 10 types. Such as- file, home, insert, design, page layout, mailing , Reference, Review, View, Help Each tab has its own group. In which many functions and commands are given. With the help of these commands and functions, we can create a document.


Groups are inside the tabs, each tab has its own group. There is a group of many buttons inside these groups, with the help of which we can do our work easily.


Ruler is given just above the working area. Ruler determines how far the text or graphics written on the working area will be written Ruler inch or mm. works in. We can Show & Hide it as per our wish. We can do this by going to Show & Hide View tab.

Working Area:-

Working area is the main part of M.S word 2013, it is a type of document on which we can do any type of typing and prepare our document, all the work of M.S word is done on this area. That is why it is called working area.

Status Bar:-

Status Bar M.S word 2013 is the blue color bar at the bottom of the window, it shows us how many pages are in the document of our M.S word file and how many words this document has been written in it Right hand side there are three views Read Mode View, Print Layout View, Web Layout view and Zoom in & Zoom Out are also provided. With the help of which we can see our document by enlarging and shrinking it.


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