Scope Of Anatomy and Physiology

Scope Of Anatomy and Physiology:- Human anatomy is the branch of Biomedical science dealing with normal structure shape size and location of the various part of the body. The study of anatomy with unaided eyes is called grow anatomy. Whereas, the study of minute details of various parts study under the microscope is known as histology.

Human Physiology is a branch of Biomedical science dealing with the normal functioning of the various organ in the body it describes the happens of various organ and organ systems contained in our body, say- how one digests, assimilates, breathes, excretes, reproduces, etc. It tells about the vital fluid called blood and how it continuously circulates in blood with pumping carried out by the physiological pump called the heart. There is also another interesting function of the body. The nervous system control and co-ordinate.

It’s all systems of the body and gives us sensation, movements, intelligence, etc. And Guides us at every moment both externally and internally with or without our knowledge. The endocrine gland is also a great force in the growth and development of our body. All the functions of various systems, co-operated and co-ordinate to maintain Homeostasis in the body function.

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