Pharma Quiz – 6 : Based on GPAT Question

Pharma Quiz – 6 : Based on GPAT Question :- Hello friend, many quizzes related to pharmacy have been missed. This is the number 6 quiz I put. We request you to forget to comment more if you like the quiz given by us. With which we kept bringing you knowledgeable quiz like this.

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Pharma Quiz - 6

This is small quiz based on GPAT question

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Increasing the proportion of the disperse phase of an emulsion by more than 60% may lead to

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The second law of thermodynamics states that 'whenever a spontaneous process takes place, it is accompanied by an increase in the total energy of the universe! The equation that satisfies the above law is :

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The complexation of Quinine with hexyl salicylate is an example of absorption by

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The polymorphs exhibit the following different properties Except :

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Method of Study Drug Distribution pattern is :

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Which of the following powder shows the greatest degree of dustibility

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The dispersion of course material by shearing in a narrow gap between a static cone and a rapidly rotating cone is caused by

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When the concentration of an aqueous sodium chloride solution has the same colligative properties as the solution in question, the value so obtained is known as

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When adhesive attractions between molecules of different species exceeds cohesive attraction between like molecules, the deviation according to Raoult's law is said to be

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Centistoke is the CGS unit for the following property

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Molar heat capacity of a system is defined as :

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When a solid forms a gel more readily when gently shaken or otherwise sheared than when allowed to form the gel while the material is kept at rest, the phenomenon is known as

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In the process of Extraction, ethanol is used as a solvent for

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Human Serum Albumin has a molecular weight of

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Riboflavin, chemically is

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Burow's solution is

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Drug products that contain the same therapeutic moiety but as different salts, esters or complexes are called as

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When six suppositories containing 20 percent of morphine hydrochloride in Theobroma oil are to be prepared, which of the following statement is correct ? (Given : Displacement value of morphine hydrochloride is 1.5; weight of each suppository is 1 g)


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Following amino acid does not exhibit optical isomerism:

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Fraction of administered dose (which may be -n form of an ester of salt) of active drug is termed as

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If two monosaccharides differ in their structure around a single carbon atom, they are called as

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Which of the following is the example of "Invert Sugar"

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Which of the following groups stabilizes carbocation in electrophilic aromatic substitution

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The mechanism of antiepileptic effect of Lamotrigine is by :

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Closeness of a measured value to the true or accepted value is known as

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