Pharma Quiz 45 Based on GPAT Question

Pharma Quiz 45 Based on GPAT Question :– Hello Friends, Through this website, we are also giving you the services of giving exams so that you can enlarge your information from your home. It will be given in the form of a quiz, which is like any online exam. Previous Paper questions will also be given in this all pharma quiz. Pharma Quiz 45 Based on GPAT Question.

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Pharma Quiz 45

Small quiz based on GPAT exam

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Atracurium besylate, a neuromuscular blocking agent, is metabolized through one of the following reactions. Identify that.

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Identify the metabolite of prontosil responsible for its antibacterial activity.

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The central bicyclic ring in penicillin is named as one of the followings. Find the correct name.

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Quantification of minute quantity of a drug from a complex matrix, without prior separation can be done using one of the following techniques. Identify that.

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Which one of the following fragmentation pathways involves a double bond and a y- hydrogen in mass spectrometry?

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 Larger values of Ky in the Heckel Plot indicate formation of what quality of tablets?

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 Which is NOT applicable to protein binding?

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According to USP, the speed regulating device of the dissolution apparatus should be capable of maintaining the speed within limits of what % of the selected speed?

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Which statement is NOT true for steam distillation?

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 What is Primogel?

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 Statement [P] : Soft gelatin capsules contain 12-15 % moisture.
Statement [QJ : Hard gelatin capsule shells contain 6-10 % moisture.
Choose the correct statement?

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A drug whose solubility is 1 g/L in water, when given orally at a dose of 500 mg is absorbed upto 95% of the administered dose. The drug belongs to which class according to the BCS classification?

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The area of clear opening of any two successive sieves according to Tyler standard is in the ratio of,

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Iodine-131 as sodium iodide solution is used as a radiopharmaceutical for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Its usage is dependent on the release of the following emissions:

[P] Alpha particles       [Q] Positrons    [R] Beta emission        [S] Gamma radiation
Choose the correct combination of statements?

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Alkenes show typical electrophilic addition reactions. If an electron withdrawing group is attached to one of the carbons bearing the double bond, what will happen to the mechanism of the addition reaction?

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Five-membered heteroaromatic compounds show a much higher rate of electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions than the six-membered ones. This is due to which one of the following reasons?

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Arrange the following Lowry-Bronsted acids into their decreasing order of acidity (highest to lowest)?
[P] C2H5OH    [Q] H3C-CsCH    [R] H20    [S] CH3NH2

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Aprotic polar solvents increase the rate of SN2 reactions manifold. Enhancement in the rate of such reactions is due to which one of the following effects?

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In context of complexometry (complexometric titrations), the two terms labile and inert complexes, are used frequently. Choose the correct statement about them?

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In colorimetric estimation of a drug, the following sequence of reactions is carried out: treatment of the aqueous solution of the drug with sodium nitrite solution in acidic medium followed by addition of sulphamic acid and then treatment with N-(l-naphthyl)ethylene- diamine in slightly basic medium to obtain a pink colour; which is measured at a fixed wavelength to correlate the quantity of the drug with the optical density. Identify the drug under estimation?

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 In the electrochemical series, the standard reduction potentials of copper and zinc are + 0.337 V and - 0.763 V, respectively. If the half cells of both of these metals are connected externally to each other through an external circuit and a salt bridge, which one of the following processes will take place?

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 Indicators used in complexometric titrations are chelating agents. Choose the correct statement about them?

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Name the compound used for standardization of Karl-Fisher reagent in aquametry?

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 Choose the correct statement for writing the sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide?

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 A carbocation will NOT show one of the following properties. Choose that.

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