Pharma Quiz 37 Based on GPAT Question

Pharma Quiz 37 Based on GPAT Question :– Hello Friends, Through this website, we are also giving you the services of giving exams so that you can enlarge your information from your home. It will be given in the form of a quiz, which is like any online exam. Previous Paper questions will also be given in this all pharma quiz. Pharma Quiz 37 Based on GPAT Question.

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Pharma Quiz 37

Small quiz based on GPAT Question

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Identity the functional group present in meprobamate

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Tinea capitis is ringworm infection of

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 Rank the following compounds is order of increasing reactivity in electrophilic aromatic Substitution reactions

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Codeine differ in structure from morphine by:

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Dose dumping may be a general problem in the formulation of:

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 Isotopes differ in:

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E1cb (Elimination reaction via conjugate base) which reaction intermediate will form?

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What are the three basic steps of conventional PCR

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 Which of the following may be used to assess the relative bioavailability of two chemically equivalent drug product in a crossover study

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Rabies bodies are

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 A 25.0 mL sample of a solution of a monoprotic acid is titrated with a 0.115 M NaOH solution the titration curve shows equivalence point at 7.05. which of the following indicators would be best for this titration

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When glucose reacts with bromine water, the main product is

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Increase in melting temperature of DNA is due to high content of

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 Which of the following in termed as mass filter

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Which of the following is produced in phenyl propanoid pathway

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The mass spectrum of a compound with an approximate MW 137 shows tow equally intense. peaks at m/z 136 and 138. What does the suggest

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Capping in tablets mainly due to:

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How can we detect the rhizome from the root of the Rauwolfia?

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Drug of choice to treat H1N1 influenza is

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 Identify the correct statement
(P) Condensed tannins are polymers flavans
(Q) Condensed tannins do not contain sugar redidues
(R) Hydrolyzabletannis are polymers of gallic acid or ellagic acids
(S) Gallic acid and catechin are psedotannins

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 A diode array detector coupled with UV detection is advantageous because it

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Quick breaking aerosols are applicable:

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The LOD of an analysis is at the femtogram level. This corresponds to detection at the

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In the Reimer-Tiemann reaction............ Reacts with phenol to give the ortho-formylated product

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Which of the following in not added to chewing tablet

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