Pharma Quiz 32 Based on GPAT Question

Pharma Quiz 32 Based on GPAT Question :– Hello Friends, Through this website, we are also giving you the services of giving exams so that you can enlarge your information from your home. It will be given in the form of a quiz, which is like any online exam. Previous Paper questions will also be given in this all pharma quiz. Pharma Quiz 32 Based on GPAT Question.

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Pharma Quiz 32

This is small quiz based on GPAT Question

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Regarding the role of surfactants in pharmaceutical suspensions for oral administration which of the following statements is false

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Which of the following drug is NOT used in treatment of H. Pylori infection

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Chemokine co-receptor 5 (CCR 5 ) inhibitor is

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Which rule does provide the most accurate method to calculate the dose for child based on adult dose

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The most suitable disinfectant for decontamination of HIV contaminated endoscope is

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The Franz diffusion cell which is used for the evaluation of transdermal drug delivery systems consists of:

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Which of the following plastic is transparent and flexible

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In which method an order of a fixed number of items is placed every time an inventory level falls to a predetermined point

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Choose the option with two reducing sugars

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The Local anesthetic with highest cardiotoxicity is

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Homatropine is

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Tranexamic acid is

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Which of the antihistaminic compound has antiadrogenic effect

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Which of the following drug is used prefenntially as preanesthetic mediation

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Proton pump inhibitors are most effective when given

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Match compounds is Group I with inhibitory activities in Group II
Group I  & Group II
(P) Vancomycin (1) Folate metabolism
(Q) Rifampin (2) DNA synthesis
(R) Puromycin (3) Protein synthesis
(S) Ciprofloxacin (4) RNA synthesis
(5) Cell wall systhesis

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Formation of Okazaki occurs in

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Drug used in ventricular arrhythmia is

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The lipoprotein with the fastest electrophoretic mobility and the lowest TG content is

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As per schedule ‘Y’ of the drugs and cosmetics act, the animal toxicity study requirements for marketing of a drug depends upon tentative route and duration of administration in humans. In This context , which one of the following statements is incorrect

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For determining the efficacy of sterilization in an autoclave, the spores of the following organism are used as test organisms

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Which of the following pairs is mismatched

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Which of the plant family contains volatile oil in their trichome

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List of drugs whose import, manufacture and sale, labeling and packaging are governed by special provisions are included in schedule

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Sigma minus method is used in assessment of

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