Pharma Quiz 30 Based on GPAT Question

Pharma Quiz 30 Based on GPAT Question :– Hello Friends, Through this website, we are also giving you the services of giving exams so that you can enlarge your information from your home. It will be given in the form of a quiz, which is like any online exam. Previous Paper questions will also be given in this all pharma quiz. Pharma Quiz 26 Based on GPAT Question.

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Pharma Quiz 30

Small quiz based on GPAT exam

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 Upper consolute temperature and lower consolute temperature are related to

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All of the following is resistant to both true and pseudo cholinesterase enzymes

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Compact size, low weight mass instrument is:

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Globule size of parenteral emulsion should be

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The objective of audit is to

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............ is an alkaloid derived form aliphatic amino acid

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The drug sulphan blue is obtained from ...............source

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In mammals, The major fat in adipose tissue is:

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Dovers powder used as a diaphoretic contains:

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Biological active form of Vit. D in man is:

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Which of the following does not produce azeotropic mixture with water

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A Pharmaceutical company plans to market a generic version of a drug produce whose patent has expired has expire (d) Which type of documentation must be submitted to the FDA

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 For a particular durg, the rate of absorption but not the extent of the absorption of GIT, is affected by presence of food in GIT then taking the drug with food will result in

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According to USP Alcohol contains

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 What does in mean that a cell is polyploid

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Amount of dextrose in large volume infusion fluids

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______________, Anthelmintics having Immunosuppressant activity.

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Choose correct statement for PEGylation:

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 Characteristics feature if hemorrhagic dengue fever is

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The carbonyl starching frequency for simple aldehydes, ketones, and carboxylic acids is about 1710 cm-1 ,  where as the carbonyl stretching frequency for esters is about ..................... cm-1

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Plarographic method of analysis to obtain individual amounts of Cu2+ and Cd2+ in a given mixture of the two ions (Cu2+ and Cd2+) is achieved by measuring their

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 Consider the reaction: A+B ≤≥ C

The unit of the thermodynamic equilibrium constant for the reaction is

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 ______________, system does not have orifice to release the drug.

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Sanguinarine belongs to the subgroup of:

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Identify the IUPAC of dexamethasone

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