Pharma Quiz 12 Based on GPAT Exam

Pharma Quiz 12 Based on GPAT Exam :– Hello friend, many quizzes related to pharmacy have been missed. This is the number 8 quiz I put. We request you to forget to comment more if you like the quiz given by us. With which we kept bringing you knowledgeable quiz like this.

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Pharma Quiz 12

This is small quiz based on GPAT question

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Which statement regarding Hückel’s rule is FALSE?

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Anthracene is isomeric with

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The molecular formula of phenanthrene is

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In electrophilic substitution of pyridine, reaction of pyridine with H2O2 in acetic acid leads to

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Correct Nomenclature for the following bridged bicyclic ring system is:-

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Which among the following correctly defines Diastereomer?

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Galactose and Glucose are

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Which among the following is a non-essential amino acid?

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Which of the following is a 3,3-sigmatropic reaction which converts a 1,5-diene to an isomeric 1,5 diene?

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What quantity of an indicator solution shall be added when quantity is not mentioned in an assay or test?

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In Kjeldahl method, sample containing nitrogen is digested with ______.

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What is the concentration of paracetamol in a 0.1 N sodium hydroxide solution, whose absorption in a 1 cm cell at its ʎmax, 257 nm, was found to be 0.825? The A (1%, 1 cm) in the IP monograph of paracetamol is given as 715 at 257 nm

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The unit for specific absorbance A (1%, 1cm) is

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What is the nuclear magnetic resonance frequency of 1H in a 7.05 Tesla magnetic field strength?

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What is Hydrogen Deficiency Index (HDI) value for toluene?

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In NMR, the aromatic proton resonate in a characteristic narrow range at

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The difficulties of long elution time and poor resolution of complex mixtures are observed in elution analysis. These difficulties can be overcome by modification of elution analysis, known as

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Materials whose consistency depends on the duration of shear, as well as on the rate of shear, exhibit

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Which of the following solutions are more likely to have the same osmotic pressure? Solutions of

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Which statements are correct for the micelle formation?

(P) Micelles are dynamic structures that are continually formed and broken down in solution.
(Q) The typical micelle diameter is about 2–3 µm and so they are visible under the light micro scope.
(R) Micelle formation is a spontaneous process.
(S) When the surfactant concentration is increased above the CMC, the number of micelles
increases and the free surfactant concentration decreases below CMC.

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Which equation is used to predict the stability of a drug product at room temperature from experiments at accelerated temperature?

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Which statement correctly describes Hess’s Law?

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Anti addition of bromine to trans-2-butene yields :

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 Conversion of aryldiamnium chloride to arylchloride can be achieved in the presence of :

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Von Gierke’s glycogen storage disease is due to defect of which enzyme :

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