Pharma Quiz – 10 : Based on GPAT Question

Pharma Quiz – 10 : Based on GPAT Question :- Hello friend, many quizzes related to pharmacy have been missed. This is the number 8 quiz I put. We request you to forget to comment more if you like the quiz given by us. With which we kept bringing you knowledgeable quiz like this.

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Pharma Quiz 48

Pharma Quiz - 10

Most important question in GPAT Exam

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As per the Drugs and Cosmetics Act-1940, if a drug is not labelled in prescribed manner it is a

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The major property of Ayurvedic herbs, "Rasa" indicates

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Except one of the following pairs represent drugs used in the treatment of glaucoma and their primary mechanism. Select the wrong pair from the following

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Auto rhythmicity is present in which of the following group of tissues ?

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During the denaturation cycle in polymerase chain reaction the temperature is raised to:

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The general purpose sodalime glass is not a suitable material for fabricating the container for

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In which year India signed General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) including Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)

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A fixed oil when added to an equal volume of ethanol; clear liquid is obtained; on cooling at O°C and on storage for three hours, the liquid remains clear such fixed oil is identified as :

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In shikimic acid pathway, chorismate mutase converts chorismic acid to

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Standards to be complied under D & C act -1940 for drugs imported, manufactured, stocked and exhibited for sale or distribution are covered under

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In colour test for alkaloids colchicine with mineral acids gives

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Nicotine from tobacco is an alkaloid which is

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In solid-solid mixing, large scale continuous type of mixer is

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Which one of the following is not affected in respiratory tuberculosis

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Identify phase of clinical trial having following features

(A) Trial is conducted on about 3000 patients
(B) Purpose of trial is therapeutic confirmation
(C) Safety and tolerability is evaluated on wider scale
(D) Completion of trial is followed by New Drug Application (NDA) Options –

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Which of the following Microorganism is used for the effective synthesis of interferon

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In yam, the presence of, irregular arrangement of the fibres, the ends of which often project from the surface is because of

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In International organization for standardization (ISO), standard pertaining to quality system model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing is given under

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In Aloe the mucilage containing parenchymatous cells are present in

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Mechanical digestion in mouth in which food is mixed with saliva is and the movement of food from mouth into the stomach is

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The Crystal form of Sulphacetamide is :

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As per the definition of D and C Act, Gudakhu (rubbed against human teeth) is considered as :

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The fundamental principle "Law of similia" falls under which therapy

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Dragendorff's reagent is

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Identify antiarrhythmic drug that increases duration of QT wave and decreases the sinus rate, whereas it has no effect on QRS complex

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