M.S Word shortcut key in computer

M.S word shortcut key in computer :- Hello friends welcome, in this post of today we are going to give you information related to M.S word shortcut key in computer, so request that you read this post in full and bookmark it on your mobile desktop.

Ctrl+ N Create new document
Ctrl+ O open document
Ctrl+ W Close document
Ctrl+ S Save document
F12 save as
Ctrl+ P Print document
Ctrl+ F6 Switch between multiple word document
Alt then F,R open recent file
Alt+Ctrl+ P switch to print layout view
Alt+ctrl+ O Switch to outline view
Ctrl+ Scroll mouse Zoom in and Zoom out
Alt + Ctrl+S Split the document window
Arrow left/Arrow right Jump one character to the left/to the right
Ctrl+Arrow left/ Ctrl+Arrow right Jump one word to the left/to the right
End/Home jump to the end of a line/beginning of a line
Arrow down/ Arrow up jump one line down/beginning of a line
Ctrl+ Arrow down/ Ctrl+ arrow up Jump one paragraph down/ one paragraph up
Page down/page up jump one screen down/ one screen up
Ctrl+ page down/ Ctrl+ page up Move to beginning of next page/beginning of previous page
Ctrl+ Z undo
Ctrl+ y Redo
Ctrl+ X Cut
Ctrl+ C Copy
Ctrl+ V Paste
Ctrl+ Shift+ C Copy text format
Ctrl+ shift+ V Paste text format
Shift +Enter Insert line break without breaking paragraph
Ctrl+ enter insert page break
Ctrl+ K insert a hyperlink
Shift + Enter insert line break without breaking paragraph
Ctrl + Enter insert page break
Ctrl+ Shift+ Enter Insert column break (break table)
Ctrl+ Shift+ space insert nonbreaking space
Ctrl+ B Bold
Ctrl+ I Italic
Ctrl+ U underline
Ctrl+ shift+ D Apply double underline
Ctrl+ Shift+ W Apply words underline (only word, no space)
Ctrl+ Shift+ H Apply Hidden formatting
Ctrl+ Shift+ A Apply all cap
Ctrl+ Shift+ K Apply small capitals
Ctrl+ D Open the font box
Ctrl+ Shift+</> Decrease/increase font size one value
Ctrl+= Apply subscript
Ctrl+ Shift+ = Apply superscript
Ctrl+ Shift+ C Copy formatting
Ctrl+ Shift+ V Paste formatting
Shift +F3 Change between all upper- first letter upper nad all lower case
Alt+ H,4 Apply strike through formatting (font dialog)
Ctrl+ Shift+ Q Change the selection to the symbol font
Shift + F1 Reveal formatting
Ctrl+ Alt+H Apply Highlight text feature
Ctrl+ R Right align paragraph
Ctrl+ L Left align paragraph
Ctrl+ E Center align paragraph
Ctrl+ M/ Ctrl+Shift+M Increase indent/ Decrease indent
Ctrl+ T increase hanging indent
Ctrl+Shift+T Decrease hanging indent
Ctrl+1 Set line spacing to single line
Ctrl+ 2 Set line spacing to double line
Ctrl+5 Set line spacing to 1.5
Ctrl+0 (Zero) add one line space preceding a paragraph
Alt+ Ctrl+Shift+s open style task pane
Alt+ Ctrl+1 Apply heading 1 style
Alt+ Ctrl+2 Apply heading 2 style
Alt+ Ctrl+3 Apply heading 2
Alt+Shift+right arrow promote heading
Alt+Shift+Left arrow Demote heading
Ctrl+Shift+N Apply normal style
Ctrl+ Shift+ S open apply style task pane
Ctrl+ P Print document