GPAT Exam 2021 Mock Test, Sample Paper 5

GPAT Exam 2021 Mock Test, Sample Paper 5 :- Hello friends, all of you are welcome to your own website. So friends, we keep bringing you some study material daily. I hope you all like all our posts. And today we have taken the GPAT exam mock test paper for you through this post. GPAT exam, Online GPAT exam 5, Simple way of GPAT Exam 5, Pharma Exam 5, GPAT exam 5 online, Top 5 GPAT Exam, Sample for GPAT Exam, Mock Test For GPAT Exam 5, Simple SAMPLE PAPER for GAPT EXAM 5, TOP 5 GPAT EXAM sample paper 5.

By giving which you can increase your knowledge for GPAT EXAM 4, prepare yourself well, this test can prove to be very good for you, Most of the questions given in this test are taken from the old question paper of GPAT EXAM 4, so that you will also know what type of questions are asked in GPAT EXAM 5.

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GPAT Exam 2021 Mock Test, Sample Paper 5

GPAT Exam 5

Based on previous Exam

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 Most accepted mechanism for developing bacterial resistance to sulphonamides is

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 All the dopaminergic agonists having affinity for D2 receptors are clinically used in following conditions except

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The labelling instruction “To be diluted 20 times its volume with water” indicates the dispensed product is a

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 Which among the following is a structural variant of GABA and is used as a muscle relaxant

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 A steroidal phyto constituent lowering blood sugar is obtained from

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Which of the following drug is associated with the reaction of extreme photosensitivity

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 A labeled piece of DNA that is complementary to the sequence of DNA you are interested in, say the gene you are trying to put into cells, is called as

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 As per first schedule of Drugs and Cosmetics Act ,1940, following is name of the book under Siddha system of medicine

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Amantidine is helpful in Parkinson’s disease because

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An intermediate 3- Chloroaniline 4, 6 - disulphonamide on heating with formic acid yields a compound

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Acetyl Choline is hydrolyzed by enzyme

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Rubella virus is associated with disease

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Which among the following electronic systems are not involved in the origin of UV spectrum

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 Which of the following is not a thermoplastic resin

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Pharmaceutical alternatives possess

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Topical application of timolol to the eye would be expected to induce which of the following

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 The major component of liquid glucose is ..........and is prepared from _______

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Which of the following formulations under ASU system are offered infinite period of shelf life in D and C Act

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 Which of the following is an example of hemiesters anionic surfactant for pharmaceutrical emulsions

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The major differences between the prokaryotic and eukaryotic protein synthesis mechanisms are in which part of the process

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In DNA replication the newly added nucleotide is joined to the growing DNA strand by an enzyme

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 Glycosides are condensation products of

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 Which of the following dosage form of digoxin will provide greater bioavailability based onvalue of F

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Using Young’s rule, calculate the dose for a 5 year old child if the adult dose is 340mg

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Which among the following statements on electro analytical methods are correct

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Chemical interferences are common than spectral interferences due to

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Phase 0 studies means

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Condensation product of Ethyl isopentyl ester of diethyl malonic acid with urea and sodium ethoxide yields

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Clavulanic acid is

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The method by which different constituents of a liquid mixture can be separated without decomposition of the constituents is

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The preferred rheological behavior of Pharmaceutical suspensions is that of

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 An inventory turnover of .......... a year is considered satisfactory

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The number of glucopyranose units in the structure of alpha cyclodextrins are

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The compound 2 - (Diethylamino) ethyl [bicyclohexyl] - 1-carboxylate hydrochloride is

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In new product development process, after analysis of business next step to be taken is _______

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Which of the following alkaloid (form) is used to treat migrane

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Free flowing powders show a flatter cone and have ________

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 The WIPO is the specialized agency of the United Nations. It promotes protection of _______throghout the world

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Herpesviruses are large encapsulated viruses that have double stranded DNA genome thatencodes approximately 70 proteins. It causes acute infection followed by latent infection in which virus persist in noninfectious form with periodic reactivation and shedding of infectious virus. Following are the examples of such herpesvirus - except

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A fatty acid not synthesized in human body and has to be supplied in diet is

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Chemical class of drugs that are susceptible to oxidation are

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The only analgesic acting centrally is ____________

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Neuropathy is adverse effect of

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As per I.P. if the solubility range of a solute is 30 to 100 parts, it will be

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SDS is used in PAGE of a mixture of proteins for their efficient separation on the gel. SDS, in the experiment is used to ___________

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 Indicate which of the following statements is true

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 Dissemination of cancer occurs through one of the following pathway - except

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Which of the following alkaloids has hypotensive activity

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Which of the following is a characteristic of cytochrome P-450

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 Which among the following describe the characteristic features of Tetracyline

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 Dielectric constant of Ethanol at room temperature is almost equal to

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 Foaming during liquid filling can be reduced by following ways, except

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If the excitation energy of the resonance level is 2.10 eV (when hc=12,330) then the wave-lengthof resonance line of sodium atoms is ________

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A reporting relationship in which an employee receives orders from, and reports to, only one supervisor is known as _________

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In humans end product of purine catabolism is

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 Which of the following adverse effects is caused by thioridazine

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What is the Carr’s index of good flow powder property

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Which microorganism is involved in the assay of Rifampicin

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 Which percentage of dextrose is isotonic with the blood plasma

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What is the biological source of Alexandrian Senna

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HLB of SPAN and TWEEN surfactants may be obtained from which of the following equations

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 If the given drug is absorbed by passive what will be its absorption kinetics

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Which of the following is delayed type of her sensitivity reaction

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Which of the following is NOT suitable as a post-coital contraceptive

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 Adverse drug Event reporting in the responsibility of all of the following EXCEPT

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Time dependent dilatant behavior is knows as

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 Chairman of DTAB is:

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 Plasmodesmata is:

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Efficiency of drug is checked in modest population in

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Which of the following statements is correct for gram positive becteria

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 The terms upper consulate temperature and lower consulate temperature are related to which phenomenon

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 Which one of the following is a solid dosage form excipient which can play the role of a diluent, a disintegrant, a glidant, a lubricant and a pore/ channel former.

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What is the required floor area for running a pharmacy for wholesale or distribution

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Bioavailability differences among drug’s oral formulations are most likely to occur if it

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Which type of photon detector is commonly microfabricated into arrays of 500 or More individual detectors

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What strategy of drug design is frequently used on complex lead compounds derived from natural products

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Which of the following is a phjse II drug metabolism reaction associated with genetic polymorphism

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 A gram-negative diplococcus associated with urinary tract infection , pelvic inflammatory disease and conjunctivitis, meningitis is

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Pregnancy test kits are designed to detect

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Drug Z is a depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agent effective for the treatment of pinworm.
Identify drug Z

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 Metheneamine used for UTI is a prodrug. How and to what is is converted into

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 The correct order for the basic features of a mass spectrometer is

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Which is the first line drug for the treatment of generalized seizures

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Tetracyline in basic solution is usstable and forms which product

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The location of the blood-brain barrier is considered to be

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The following drug metabolizing reaction in entirely non-microsomal:

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 Which of the following methods is used to determine whether a process functions properly for its intended use

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 What is the significance of term overfill

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 Identity the false statements

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2’, 3’-Didehydro-3’-deoxy thymidine is the chemical name of which of following antiviral agents

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 Oseltamivir is antiviral drug. It produces its action by inhibiting which enzymes

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 In NMR spectrum, a signal is observed as triplet. What will be the ratio of relative peak areas in this signal

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Which problem can arise if the material to be compressed into tablet tends to adhere to die walls

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What is the half life of Tc-99m

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Drugs (price control ) order 1995 and related orders form time to time are enforeced by

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 Eudragits are

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Which of the following groups can form ionic interactions and also act as a hydrogen bond acceptor

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 In order to make a generic substitution ; a pharmacist must do also act as a hydrogen bond acceptor

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If a drug is highly bound to plasma proteins, what might be its reason or consequence

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Which of the following is an irreversible phenomenonralated to stability of emulsion

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 Which of the following drug does not give pink colour with ruthenium red

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The IUPAC name, 4-Amino-N (5,6-dimethoxy-4-pyrimidinly)  benzenseulfonamide belong to which generic drug

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 The clinical trial registry in India is maintained by

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Which of the following is an example of Diaz onium ion

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Which term describes ‘The degree to which a set of inherent properties of a product system , of rocess fulfils requirements, the best’

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 What will be AUC value of lidocaine if the administered dose is 0.2 g and the total body clearance is 45 L/h

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 Methyl ether of erythromycin is ........................

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Ebullioscopicmethod is based on which of the following observation

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Toluene is converted of which compound in presence of CrO3 with acetic anhydride

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Which of the antibodies provide passive immunity to newborn baby

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How many fundamental svibrations can be expected for C2H5CL

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Increased number of number mitosis may be present in the following tissue EXCEPT

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To which chemical class the vinca alkaloids belong

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An antibiotic thatn resembles the 3’ end of a charged tRNA molecule is

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If the cohesive forces in between similar molecules are less than the adhesive forces between dissimilar\ molecules, a deviation in Raolt’s law is observed . here witch deviation will be seen.

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 Phenylalanine, a precursor of most of the phenolics is higher plants is a product of which one of the following pathways

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 Within how many days a pharmacist should dispense diluted aqueous mixtures

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 What molecular feature is penicillin G is said o mimic

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If a drug is known to be distributed into total body water, how many milligrams are needed to obtain an initial plasma level of 5mg/L in a patient weighting 70 kg

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 What does ‘pharmacokinetical compartment’ mean

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The resistance to macrolide antibiotics by of gram positive organism is developed due to

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The most effective agent for treating psychosis would be

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The ethanolic solution contaminated with benzele showed absorbance of 0.69 at 260 nm in a 2 cm cell if the molar absorptivity of benzene in thanolis 230 M-1cm-1, what is the concentration of benzene in the solution

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 TGA is regulatory body of which country

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 Which prostaglandins have a keto function at C-9 and a α- Hydroxyl group at C-11 in prostanoic acid backbone

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