GPAT Exam 2021 Mock Test, Sample Paper 9

GPAT Exam 2021 Mock Test, Sample Paper 9 :- Hello friends, all of you are welcome to your own website. So friends, we keep bringing you some study material daily. I hope you all like all our posts. And today we have taken the GPAT exam mock test paper for you through this postGPAT exam, Online GPAT exam 9, Simple way of GPAT Exam 9, Pharma Exam 9, GPAT exam 9 online, Top 5 GPAT Exam, Sample for GPAT Exam, Mock Test For GPAT Exam 9, Simple SAMPLE PAPER for GAPT EXAM 9, TOP 5 GPAT EXAM sample paper 9.

By giving which you can increase your knowledge for GPAT EXAM 9, prepare yourself well, this test can prove to be very good for you, Most of the questions given in this test are taken from the old question paper of GPAT EXAM 9, so that you will also know what type of questions are asked in GPAT EXAM 9. GPAT Mock Test

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GPAT Exam 9

GPAT Exam 9

Based on Previous Exam Question

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The reaction of Grignard reagent with aldehydes and ketones gives alcohols. This is known as ..................

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Osazone is formed by reaction of ............ moles of phenylthdrazine with monosaccharide

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 Arginine serves as a precursor for which of the vasodilatory product

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Which of the following is a test of digitoxose

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The Vd for phenytoin is 70 L and half life is 1.5 hours. What is the total clearance of phenytoin

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 Which of the following phytohormone usually acts as bud inhibitor

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What is the main different between HPLC and UPLC

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 Which drug is associated with hepatic/ renal toxic metabolite, N-acetyl-pbenzoquione

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What is the percentage of chlorpromazine (pKa = 9.3) exiting in ionized form in a solution of chlorpromazine hydrochloride at pH 7.4

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 Which of the following is a GLP-1 agonist

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What is mechanism of aprotinin

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Absolute alcohol is prepared from spirit by.................

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 Which of the following is interleukin agonist

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An extension of the normal pharmacological effects of a drug or its metabolite is termed as ...........

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Which of the following parameters is/are important in determining bioequivalence

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 What are known as balsams

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 Sesquiterpenes are formed from ............. In the plants

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 Which of the following is a type of phytoestrogen

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Attachment of polyethylene glycol (PEG) to proteins/ drugs do all of the following EXCEPT

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 Identify the harmful drug-drug interaction

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Synthesis of thyroid hormone in inhibited by all EXCEPT....................

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Choose correct statement for PEGylation:

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 Which of the following is a common herbal remedy for insomnia

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In which category of in vitro in vivo correlation the mean in vitro dissolution time is compared either to the mean residence time of to the mean residence time or to the mean in vivo dissolution time

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What does the Hammett substituent constant (σ) measure

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Property exploited by electroanalytical technique of caoulemetry is........................

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 All are true EXCEPT......................

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In callus culture, roots can be induced by the supply of........................

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 Prostaglandin used in the treatment of postpartum hemorrhage is...............

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Identity 5HT3 receptor antagonist which is 5HT4 agonist also

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Which of the following AT-II receptor antagonists (SARTANs) does not possess tetrazole moiety in its structure

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What useful information can be found from a Van Deemter plot

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Brockman activity Scale’ is used in the characterization of .........

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The FDA allows a maximum of ............... salicylic acid in commercial aspirin tablets

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 A phenolic acid compound isolated from the ripe fruits of myrobalan (karitaki).................

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 Asafoetida _Nitric acid gives...........................

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Endocrine effects of antipsychotic like chlorpromazine include all of the following EXCERT

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In Plants cell division occurs_____ Whereas in animals it occurs

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The statement nothing lives forever yet life continues illustrates the role of

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Which of the following groups consist of organisms which multiply by fragmentation

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Which of the following organisms do not reproduce

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Which of the following statements regarding the response of living organisms to external stimuli is correct

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A living organism is unexceptionally differentiated from a nonliving structure on the basis of

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Which of the following sets does not contains defining characteristics of living organisms

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_____ is the branch of science dealing with identification nomenclature and classification of organisms.

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First step in taxonomy is

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Founder of binomial nomenclature was

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Linnaean system of classification was based on

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Most name in biological nomenclature of living organisms are taken from which language

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Plants were given latin name because it is a

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In the Binomial system of taxonomy developed during the 18th century by C. Linnaeus the second word of an organism biological name represents

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Which of the following statements regarding the universal rule of biological nomenclature is incorrect

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Select the correctly written botanical / Zoological name

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Select the correct option for biological name

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The scientific name of banyan is written as Ficus benghalensis L. Which of the following statements is correct regarding this?

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The third name in trinomial nomenclature is

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Classification system have many advantage which of the following is not a goal of biological classification

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The main objective of plant taxonomy is

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The main purpose for the classification of organisms is to

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Who wrote species plantarum and provided a basis for the classification of plants?

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Carolus Linnaeus belonged to

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Carolus linnaeus belonged to

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Quinoline alkaloids are biosynthesized via which one of the following pathways?

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 Khellin is an active constituent of which one of the following plants?

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 Which one of the following compounds is useful for the stimulation of cell division and release of lateral bud dormancy?

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A powdered drug has the following microscopic characters:

Anther cells, arenchyma, pollen grains, phloem fibers, volatile oil cells and stone cells. The powder is obtained from which of the followings?

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Which of the following ergot alkaloids is water soluble and shows blue fluorescence?

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 Goldbeater's skin test is used to detect the presence of which one of the following classes of compounds?

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Phenylethylisoquinoline is the precursor of which of the following alkaloids?

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Which of the following mechanisms is NOT related to platelet aggregation inhibitory action?

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 Each of the following options lists a phytoconstituent, its phytochemical grouping, pharmacological activity and corresponding semisynthetic analogue. Find a MISMATCHING option.

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 Which of the following species is being inactivated by the enzyme Dipeptidyl peptidase-4

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 Inhibition/induction of which of the following Cytochrome P450 enzyme system is most likely to be involved in important drug-drug interactions?

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Most of the emergency contraceptives have one of the following active ingredients?

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Antiretroviral Raltegravir is unique, because of  which of its following actions?

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Which one of the followings is NOT an exa—.pie of G-protein coupled receptor?

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Which of the following statements is FALSE for artemisinin?

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Which of the following antibiotics produces concentration dependent bactericidal action and also possesses post-antibiotic effect?

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What is chemotaxis?

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Which of the followings used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is NOT a biologic response modifier?

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Which of the followings is a noncompetitive inhibitor of the enzyme reverse transcriptase in HIV?

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Which one of the followings is a beta lactamase inhibitor?

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 Neural tube defects may occur by which one of the following anti-seizure drugs?

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Which one of the following drying methods is commonly used in pharma industry for drjing of soft shell capsules?

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 If C is the concentration of dissolved drug and Cs is the saturation concentration. In which case the sink conditions are said to be maintained?

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All of the followings are indications for use of ACE inhibitors EXCEPT for one. Identify that

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Which water is  used    for hand washing in a change room of pharmaceutical manufacturing plant?

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Which one of the followings does NOT afford a macromolecular inclusion compound?

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Which condition does not apply as per Indian law while conducting single dose bioavailability study of an immediate release product?

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Which one of the followings is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor indicated for a variety of malignancies?

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Which one of the followings is the most likely positive sign of pregnancy when detected in urine?

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Corticosteroids are administered to treat some of the given disease states:

[P] : Peptic ulcer                [Q] : Bronchial asthma
[R] : Nephrotic syndrome      [S] : Myasthenia gravis
Choose the correct statement about the use of corticosteroids for the treatment of these diseases.

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Which one of the following statements is FALSE for fluoroquinolones?

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Increased serum levels of which one of the followings may be associated with decreased risk of atherosclerosis?

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 Metformin causes the following actions EXCEPT for the one. Identify that.

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Misoprostol has a cytoprotective action on gastrointestinal mucosa because of one of the following actions. Identify that.

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Which of the following drugs can precipitate bronchial asthma?
[P] : Indomethacin    [Q] : Codeine phosphate
[R] : Rabeprazole    [S] : Theophylline

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Which of the following isothem are produced when the heat of condensation of successive layers is more than the heat of adsorption of first layer?

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The minimal effective flow rate of air in Luminar Flow hood should be not less than how many cubic feet per minute?

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 Which of the following pumps is used in handling of corrosive liquids?

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 Convert 90% v/v alcohol to Proof strength. Choose the correct answer.

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 What is the Heat of vaporization of water at 100:

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Which of the followings act as a non-ionic emulsifying agent?

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 Which of the following Schedules include shelf life of drugs?

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 By addition of which of the followings the shells of soft gelatin capsules may be made elastic?

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 Department of Transport Test (DOT) is performed for which of the followings?

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 How many mL of 50% (w/v) dextrose solution and how many mL of 5% (w/v) dextrose solution are required to prepare 4500 mL of a 10% (w/v) solution?

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 P-Glycoprotein pump is responsible for which one of the followings?

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The first stage of wetting on addition of a granulating agent to the powders is

characterized by which one of the followings?

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 The degree of flocculation of a suspension is 1.5 and the sedimentation volume is 0.75. What will be the ultimate volume of deflocculated suspension?

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A drug is administered to a 65 Kg patient as 500 mg tablets every 4 hours. Half- life of the drug is 3 h, volume of distribution is 2 liter/Kg and oral bioavailability of the drug is 0.85. Calculate the steady state concentration of the drug?

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Statement [X] :    Hofmeister series grades coagulating power of electrolytes as per their ionic size.
Statement [Y] :    The relative coagulating power is given by:

[P] Al+++ > Ba++    [Q] Li- > F-    [R] NH4+ > Na+ Choose the correct statement :

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Who wrote Species plantarum and provided a basis for the classification of plants?

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Carolus linnaeus belonged to

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Which one of the following books was contributed by linnaeus?

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The internationally recognised binomial nomenclature was developed by linnaeus in his book

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Linnaeus described 5900 species of plants in his book_____ 1753 and 4326 species of animals in his book 1758.

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An english naturalist who wrote the book "historia Generalis Plantarum" and introduced the word species was

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Wich of the following statements is incorrect regarding the modern taxonomy?

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A Taxonomic category refers to

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The ascending or descending arrangement of taxonomic categories is called as

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The term "taxon" is used for

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Which term can be used for any taxonomic rank?

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Basic unit or smallest taxon of classification is

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