GPAT Exam 2021 Mock Test, Sample Paper 8

GPAT Exam 2021 Mock Test, Sample Paper 8 :- Hello friends, all of you are welcome to your own website. So friends, we keep bringing you some study material daily. I hope you all like all our posts. And today we have taken the GPAT exam mock test paper for you through this postGPAT exam, Online GPAT exam 8, Simple way of GPAT Exam 8, Pharma Exam 8, GPAT exam 8 online, Top 5 GPAT Exam, Sample for GPAT Exam, Mock Test For GPAT Exam 8, Simple SAMPLE PAPER for GAPT EXAM 8, TOP 5 GPAT EXAM sample paper 8.

By giving which you can increase your knowledge for GPAT EXAM 8, prepare yourself well, this test can prove to be very good for you, Most of the questions given in this test are taken from the old question paper of GPAT EXAM 8, so that you will also know what type of questions are asked in GPAT EXAM 8. GPAT Mock Test

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GPAT Exam 8

GPAT Exam 8

GAPT Exam Mock Test Paper

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Cholesterol contributors to ...................... Of the biological membrane

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 Active site for all serine proteases consists of which triad

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 ______________, Anthelmintics having Immunosuppressant activity.

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 Which of the following is selective alpha 2 selective antagonist

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Which one of the following in NOT a protoplast fusion agent

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Clinically used Labetolol is ..............

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 For intramuscular injection, angle of administration is................ Degree

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 Aromatase is an enzyme complex that is the target for several anticancer drugs. Which of the following anticancer drugs targets aromatase

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 Vinca alkaloids that are used in combination therapy to treat a variety of tumors. How to cancer cells

normally gain resistance to these agents

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 A set of closely related genes of generic markers that are inherited as a single unit is

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Ginseng saponins belong to the series of....................

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 Stokes Einstein equation to the series of................

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The source of radiation for FAR IR spectrometer is................

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Which of the following alkaloids derived from lysine

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The agent that can only be given intravenously for heart failure is...................

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A prescription order for an antibiotic preparation includes the directions ‘ii gtt AU q.i.d” what auxiliary

label should be affixed to the prescription order container

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 Which one of the following amino acid residues is specifically recognized by chymotrypsin during peptide bond cleavage

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 Which of the following criteria should be considered when reviewing a medication for addition to the hospital formulary

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Identify the GABA reuptake inhibitor

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 What in the reason of complicated penetration of some drugs through brain-blood barrier

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The increase in concentration of second messengers (cAMP, cGMP, Ca2+ etc.) leads to:

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Which of the following cholinomimetics activates both muscarinic and nicotinic receptors

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Deoxy position of deoxyribose in DNA is at...................

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All are potent 3A4 inhibitors EXCEPT.................

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 ‘Probability of nonsterility’ is given by...............

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Which of the following is a selective medium for the growth of vibreochelerae

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 Specific conductance unit is......................

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Karplus curve is associated with which spectroscopy

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 The reaction of the citric acid cycle that is most similar to the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex catalyzed

conversion of pyruvate to acetyl-CoA is the conversion of

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Which one of the following pairs of lipids & related compounds exbibit opposite biological activities

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HIV may NOT respond to..........

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 Palmitic, oleic or stearic acid ester of cholesterol used manufacture of cosmetic creams is.............

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................ Is needed for suspensions, lotions, emulsions, creams and ointments to keeps a high container

= consistency and yet pour and spread easily when needed. It also is satisfactory for IM slow release yet easy to inject

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 The enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) converts

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For first order reactions the rate constant, k, has the units as.....................

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Mechanism of action of Ketoconazole is:

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All are adrenal gland over activity disorders EXCEPT

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The oil used in a parenteral product cannot contain.......................

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Identity the non-absorbable sature

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The relative lowering of vapour pressure is given by

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Identity the functional group present in meprobamate

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Tinea capitis is ringworm infection of

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 Rank the following compounds is order of increasing reactivity in electrophilic aromatic Substitution reactions

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Dose dumping may be a general problem in the formulation of:

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Codeine differ in structure from morphine by:

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 Isotopes differ in:

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E1cb (Elimination reaction via conjugate base) which reaction intermediate will form?

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What are the three basic steps of conventional PCR

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 Which of the following may be used to assess the relative bioavailability of two chemically equivalent drug product in a crossover study

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Rabies bodies are

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 A 25.0 mL sample of a solution of a monoprotic acid is titrated with a 0.115 M NaOH solution the titration curve shows equivalence point at 7.05. which of the following indicators would be best for this titration

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When glucose reacts with bromine water, the main product is

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Increase in melting temperature of DNA is due to high content of

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 Which of the following in termed as mass filter

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Which of the following is produced in phenyl propanoid pathway

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The mass spectrum of a compound with an approximate MW 137 shows tow equally intense. peaks at m/z 136 and 138. What does the suggest

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Capping in tablets mainly due to:

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How can we detect the rhizome from the root of the Rauwolfia?

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Drug of choice to treat H1N1 influenza is

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 Identify the correct statement
(P) Condensed tannins are polymers flavans
(Q) Condensed tannins do not contain sugar redidues
(R) Hydrolyzabletannis are polymers of gallic acid or ellagic acids
(S) Gallic acid and catechin are psedotannins

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 A diode array detector coupled with UV detection is advantageous because it

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The LOD of an analysis is at the femtogram level. This corresponds to detection at the

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Quick breaking aerosols are applicable:

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In the Reimer-Tiemann reaction............ Reacts with phenol to give the ortho-formylated product

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Which are those therapeutic systems, which liberate the active ingredient through a special hole, prepared by laser

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Which of the following in not added to chewing tablet

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 Range of C=O stretching in enol is

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Which RNA polymerase is the only whose product are capped

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Which of following chromatographic technique is most suitable for small, nonvolatile water-insoluble solutes

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Mean arterial pressure is

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Eugenol is

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The Vitamin required for carboxylation of pyruvate to form oxaloacetate is

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The drug formulated as suspension follows .............. order reaction

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Which of the following antiviral agent in not a nucleoside analog

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Which diuretic causes decrease in release of insulin

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Which compound would be expected to show intense IR absorption at 3300 cm-1

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Regarding two compartment pharmocokenitics all are true EXCEPT

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In the carbon NMR, in what region of the spectrum does one typically observe carbons which are part of the aromatic ring

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Meclofenamate belongs to which class of drug

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 Phenothiazine is obtained by..............with sulfur

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Dopamine agonists with tetralene function

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 Vitamin K is constituted of ...................ring

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The IUPAC name of the compound-(CH3

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To balace intellectual property protection, competition and access to affordable prescription drug, the act made by US government is

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A powerful inhibitor of stomatal opening is

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What is the renal clearance of a substance, if its concentration in plasma is 10mg, concentration in urine is 100 mg and urine flow is 2 ml/min

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Gridnard test is used for the detection of......................

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Aim of pharmacovigilance is

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Which hormone works antagonistically to parathormone......................

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Phase zero studies is a/an

(P) Exploratory investigational new drug study
(Q) Human microdosingstudies
(R) Step to speed up drug discovery/ development process
(S) Mandatory by FDA

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 Parenteral product must be:

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Quinine present in highest amount in:

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Which of the following respective Phase-I and Phase-II reactions are the most common drug biotransformation reactions?

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Which one of the following drugs has positive inotropic and negative chronotropic action?

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Which one of the following therapeutic classes has been proved clinically as a first line therapy for heart failure and has shown decreased hospitalization, improved symptoms and delayed disease progression?

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Which one of the following glucose transporters is the new drug target for the management of Type-2 diabetes mellitus?

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Which one of the following modes of HIV transmission carries highest relative risk of infection with single exposure?

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Which of the followings are the critical neurotransmitters playing major role in depression?

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A 55 years old man is under DOTS treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis for the last four months. Now, he has developed symptoms of peripheral neuritis. Which one of the followings is the right addition to his therapy to manage peripheral neuritis?

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What is the primary mechanism of action of local anesthetics?

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Which one of the following anti-asthmatic drugs can cause convulsions and arrhythmia?

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Which one of the following anti-arrhythmic drugs acts by inhibiting potassium, sodium and calcium channels?

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A 48 years old woman is having the symptoms of weight gain, cold intolerance, constipation, bradycardia, puffy face, lethargy and dry skin. These symptoms are suggestive of which of the followings?

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Which one of the following receptors is NOT a ligand-gated ion channel receptor?

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Which one of the following classes of drugs causes side effects like dryness of mouth, tachycardia, urinary retention, constipation, blurring of vision, precipitation of glaucoma, drowsiness and impairment of cognition?

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Which of the following cytokines are the most important regulators in inflammation and are the targets for anti-inflammatory agents used in rheumatoid arthritis?

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Which one of the followings is a FALSE statement for competitive antagonists?

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Atypical antipsychotics differ from the typical antipsychotics in various ways that define them as atypical. Which one of the followings is NOT a defining property of the atypical antipsychotics?

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Which one of the following drugs produces significant relaxation of both venules and arterioles?

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 Drugs that have been found to be useful in one or more types of heart failure include all of the following

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Which one of the following is used in the Ames test

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 Which of the ultrashort acting adrenergic blocker

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Drugs that show nonlinear pharmacokinetics have which of the following property

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An alternaive to glycolysis pathway is..............

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LeChatelier’s principle states that increasing temperature favors a reaction that...........

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In absorption spectrometry, high values of absorbance values (grater than 1 or 2) tend to give poorer precision because

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 When the angle of repose exceeds............... , the powder flow is rarely acceptable for pharmaceutical manufacturing purpose

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The chelate, EDTA4: can described as what type of chelating ligand

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 Living cells are negatively charged inside primarily because of..................

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Which of the following drugs requires administration on an empty stomach

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Which of the following is a non- aqueous binder

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 Which of the following drugs requires administration on an empty stomach

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What is the osmolality of a solution if one mmole of glucose and two mmoles of NaCl are dissolved in 1 kg of the water

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How much can be the working revolution per minute (RPM) of the ball mill

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A compound with an –OH group and –OR group bonded to the same carbon atom is...........

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