GPAT Exam 2021 Mock Test, Sample Paper 7

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By giving which you can increase your knowledge for GPAT EXAM 7, prepare yourself well, this test can prove to be very good for you, Most of the questions given in this test are taken from the old question paper of GPAT EXAM 7, so that you will also know what type of questions are asked in GPAT EXAM 7. GPAT Mock Test

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Gpat exam 72021 Mock Test, Sample Paper

GPAT Exam 7

GPAT Mock Test Paper

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A Pharmaceutical company plans to market a generic version of a drug produce whose patent has expired has expire (d) Which type of documentation must be submitted to the FDA

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Which of the following does not produce azeotropic mixture with water

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 For a particular durg, the rate of absorption but not the extent of the absorption of GIT, is affected by presence of food in GIT then taking the drug with food will result in

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According to USP Alcohol contains

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 What does in mean that a cell is polyploid

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Amount of dextrose in large volume infusion fluids

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______________, Anthelmintics having Immunosuppressant activity.

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Choose correct statement for PEGylation:

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 Characteristics feature if hemorrhagic dengue fever is

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The carbonyl starching frequency for simple aldehydes, ketones, and carboxylic acids is about 1710 cm-1 ,  where as the carbonyl stretching frequency for esters is about ..................... cm-1

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Plarographic method of analysis to obtain individual amounts of Cu2+ and Cd2+ in a given mixture of the two ions (Cu2+ and Cd2+) is achieved by measuring their

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 Consider the reaction: A+B ≤≥ C

The unit of the thermodynamic equilibrium constant for the reaction is

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 ______________, system does not have orifice to release the drug.

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Sanguinarine belongs to the subgroup of:

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Identify the IUPAC of dexamethasone

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Which enzymes is used by the HIV to form DNA in the host cell

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‘Sparging’ is the process where

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Morphine does not cause:

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Which of the following is not recommended in patients with renal insufficiency or cardiac dysfunction

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Higuchi model is applicable to drug that is............. In the formulation

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 Which of the following in correct about parenteral nutrition

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 Cyclic AMP (cAMP) is an important second messenger in signal transduction pathway(s)Which enzyme

catalyzes the generation/accumulation of cAMP after a receptor – ligand interaction

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Which of the following in not include in immunization programme as per WHO recommendations for all children

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 In mammals, The major fat in adipose tissue is:

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 Plarographic method of analysis to obtain individual amounts of Cu2+ and Cd2+ in a given mixture of the two ions (Cu2+ and Cd2+) is achieved by measuring their

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 What is the objective of trademark

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 Turbulent flow is exhibited by fluids whose

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C=O stretchings are very strong and easily observable bands in IR spectroscopy. However in the IR spectrum

of glucose C=O absorption band is not seen. Why

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What is/are use/s of phenol coefficient

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 Acid insoluble ash of a leaf is called as

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Grape fruit juice is P- glycoprotein and CYP40 enzyme inhibitor . if drug X is degraded by proteolytic enzymes, administration of grapefruit juice with X

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 Vigabatrin is a GABA analogue that potentiates action of GABA in the brain because it

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Drug that increases systolic B.P. but reduces diastolic B.P.

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 Inflamation of soft tissue due to hyaluronidase is called as

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Each of the following is a glycosaminoglycan dengue fever is

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If X is an equivalent of silver deposited is silver coulometer and Y is an equipment of copper deposited in copper coulometer when constant current is passed through the electrochemical cell for the same time which of the following is correct

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 Which of the following classes of medication is the most common initial treatment of men with symptomatic benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)

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 Which schedule Drugs & Cosmetics Act include Particulars to the shown in /manufacturing Records

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All of the following statements about plasmodium falciparum are correct EXCEPT

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Actions and clinical uses of muscarinic cholinoceptor agonists include which on of the following

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Regarding the role of surfactants in pharmaceutical suspensions for oral administration which of the following statements is false

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Which of the following drug is NOT used in treatment of H. Pylori infection

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The most suitable disinfectant for decontamination of HIV contaminated endoscope is

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Which rule does provide the most accurate method to calculate the dose for child based on adult dose

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Chemokine co-receptor 5 (CCR 5 ) inhibitor is

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The Franz diffusion cell which is used for the evaluation of transdermal drug delivery systems consists of:

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Which of the following plastic is transparent and flexible

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In which method an order of a fixed number of items is placed every time an inventory level falls to a predetermined point

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Choose the option with two reducing sugars

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The Local anesthetic with highest cardiotoxicity is

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Homatropine is

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Tranexamic acid is

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Which of the antihistaminic compound has antiadrogenic effect

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Which of the following drug is used prefenntially as preanesthetic mediation

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Proton pump inhibitors are most effective when given

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Match compounds is Group I with inhibitory activities in Group II
Group I  & Group II
(P) Vancomycin (1) Folate metabolism
(Q) Rifampin (2) DNA synthesis
(R) Puromycin (3) Protein synthesis
(S) Ciprofloxacin (4) RNA synthesis
(5) Cell wall systhesis

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Formation of Okazaki occurs in

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Drug used in ventricular arrhythmia is

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The lipoprotein with the fastest electrophoretic mobility and the lowest TG content is

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As per schedule ‘Y’ of the drugs and cosmetics act, the animal toxicity study requirements for marketing of a drug depends upon tentative route and duration of administration in humans. In This context , which one of the following statements is incorrect

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For determining the efficacy of sterilization in an autoclave, the spores of the following organism are used as test organisms

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Which of the following pairs is mismatched

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List of drugs whose import, manufacture and sale, labeling and packaging are governed by special provisions are included in schedule

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Sigma minus method is used in assessment of

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Which of the plant family contains volatile oil in their trichome

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Ferritin is

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Which oil is solute is alcohol

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 One of the first step of the citric acid cycle is isomerization of citric acid to isoctiric acid this step is necessary because

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Which of the following alkyl halides would undergo SN2 reaction most rapidly

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Which of the following classes of medication is the most common initial treatment of men with symptomatic benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)

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Which schedule Drugs & Cosmetics Act include Particulars to the shown in /manufacturing Records

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 All of the following statements about plasmodium falciparum are correct EXCEPT

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The chairman of the investigational new Drug (IND) committee in India is

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In the filling of container what is the meaning of “overfill container”

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 What is the name of floor on which production work is done rather than administration

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Quinoline contains two basic rings. One of the rings in quinolone. It is attached to second ring via o one carbon bridge. Which in the second ring

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Which of the first drugs are potentiated by the second

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Which of the following is a long acting β2 agonist that can be given by nebulization and as well a dry powder inhaler for the treatment of COPD

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 To create successful new product, a company understands consumers, markets, and competitors and develop a/an

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Which of the following method is an example of facilitated diffusion?

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Which anticholinergic drug mostly used as anti Parkinson drug

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Which of the following causes arterial and bronchial constriction and platelet aggregation

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What is mechanism of action of carbamazepine

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 Passive diffusion follows which order of kinetics

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 Conc v/s time curve drown from single oral dose, which parameter can be calculated

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 If a basic drug reabsorbed significantly from kidney which of the following statement will be correct

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o, m, p- isomers can be differentiated on the basis of:

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 Monitoring of plasma drug concentration is required while using:

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 Bacterial endotoxin are mainly detected by

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 The shelf life of a medicine is defined as :

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In which rearrangement reaction, Isocyanate is formed?

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 Chitin gets converted in to Chitosan upon:

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Efficiency of drug is checked in modest population in

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The mixed gland of our body which secrets both hormones and digestive enzyme, so pancreatic enzyme digest which substances

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 In which type of bacteria the cell wall is thicker

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Out of the following anti cancer drug cardio toxicity is seen in

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Which of the following free radical is most dangerous free radical

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The phosphate of a metal has the formula MHPO4. The formula of its Bromide would be:

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Silicone based adhesive used in TDDS possess following properties:

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 Schleuniger tester is used for the tablets to measure:

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Creatinine clearance is used as a measurement of:

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1-[2-[(2-chloro thienly)methoxy]-2-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)ethyl]-1Iimidazole is:

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 The drug of choice in prolonged febrile convulsions is:

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Geometrical isomerism is possible in case of:

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 The loading dose (DL) of a drug is usually based on the:

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 Biologically active arachidonic acid is

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Antidiabetic action of gliburidestart at molecular level by which mechanism

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 Momordica charantia having blood sugar lowering activity due to:

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 Insulin stimulates glucose transport by promoting the translocation of:

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Oral rehydration salt contains ionic electrolytes in concentration mmlo/L

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 In pinacol – pinacolone rearrangement, the final product is ketone. What is the starting compound for the rearrangement

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Which of the following method is useful for measuring the number of viable cells in a culture

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Seeding involves the spread of cancer cells to

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 Barbiturates are being replaced by hypnotic benzodiazepines because of

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Adverse drug Event reporting in the responsibility of all of the following EXCEPT

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Time dependent dilatant behavior is knows as

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 Chairman of DTAB is:

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 Plasmodesmata is:

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 Heckel’s plot represents .....................

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Which of the following would cause increase in the binding strength at the dry granulation process in significant degree

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 Cyclohexanone exhibits only ................. peaks in 13CNMR spectrum due to symmetry

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If an organic compound does not absorb UV visible radiation it means compound does not contain

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The positively polarized carbon atom of a carbonyl group acts as............

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The Pinene hydrochloride rearranged into bornylterpenoid is called as.............

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The mouse model for type I diabetes mellitus is......................

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