GPAT Exam 2021 Mock Test, Sample Paper 2

GPAT Exam 2021 Mock Test, Sample Paper 2 :- Hello friends, all of you are welcome to your own website. So friends, we keep bringing you some study material daily. I hope you all like all our posts. And today we have taken the GPAT exam mock test paper for you through this post. GPAT exam, Online GPAT exam 2, Simple way of GPAT Exam 2, Pharma Exam 2, GPAT exam 2 online, Top 5 GPAT Exam, Sample for GPAT Exam, Mock Test For GPAT Exam 2, Simple SAMPLE PAPER for GAPT EXAM 2, TOP 5 GPAT EXAM sample paper 2.

By giving which you can increase your knowledge for GPAT EXAM, prepare yourself well, this test can prove to be very good for you, Most of the questions given in this test are taken from the old question paper of GPAT EXAM, so that you will also know what type of questions are asked in GPAT EXAM .

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GPAT Exam 2

Based on Previous Exam

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Riboflavin, chemically is

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Burow's solution is

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Human Serum Albumin has a molecular weight of

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Drug products that contain the same therapeutic moiety but as different salts, esters or complexes are called as

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When six suppositories containing 20 percent of morphine hydrochloride in Theobroma oil are to be prepared, which of the following statement is correct ? (Given : Displacement value of morphine hydrochloride is 1.5; weight of each suppository is 1 g)


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Fraction of administered dose (which may be -n form of an ester of salt) of active drug is termed as

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Following amino acid does not exhibit optical isomerism:

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If two monosaccharides differ in their structure around a single carbon atom, they are called as

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Which of the following is the example of "Invert Sugar"

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Which of the following groups stabilizes carbocation in electrophilic aromatic substitution

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The mechanism of antiepileptic effect of Lamotrigine is by :

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Closeness of a measured value to the true or accepted value is known as

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Globar source in infra-red spectrophotometer is

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Cotrimoxazole is combination of trimethoprim with sulfamethoxazole. Which of the following statement is correct about Cotrimoxazole?

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Ion trapping is an important process in drug distribution with potential therapeutic benefit. It is defined as

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Identify the diuretic which causes hyperuricemia, tend to raise scrum calcium and also causes magnesium depletion

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The Nitration of quinoline gives a mixture of

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The specific reagents used m skraup synthesis of quinoline are

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 Mitomycin C is an antibiotic isolated from

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This 4-amino quinoline antimalarial drug marketed as R, S isomer, has two trifluromethyl moieties at position 2' and 8' and no electronegative substituent either at 6' or 7' positions is

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Which one is NOT an opioid receptor

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One of the following statement with respect to carbachol is NOT correct Identify:

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Two pore domain K+ ions channels are opened by which one of the following categories of anaesthetic

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Which of the following rearrangement involves migration of a group from carbon to electron deficient nitrogen

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The mechanism by which fluorides inhibit dental caries is

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The solvent used in NMR spectroscopy with the highest level of deuteriation among these is :

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The weakly acidic nature of warfarin is attributed to the presence of

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Which of the following drugs possesses Antiplatelet effects

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Propanone and 2-hydroxy propene are

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Antifungal agent 5-fluorocytosine is converted to its active metabolite 5-fluorouracil by one of the following fungal enzyme

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Walden inversion or complete reversal of stereochemistry occurs in one of the following substitution reaction

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The principle of liquid-liquid extraction is

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An aldopentose can be converted into aldohexose by :

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Hydrated proton is called

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What is the approximate chemical shift ranges for protons attached to aldehydic groups?

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The condensation of an active methylene compound with formaldehyde and an amine to form β-amino carbonyl compound is known as

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Meloxicam belongs to which class of Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) 

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Which one of the following is not the property of osmotic diuretics

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Electron releasing groups stabilizes free radicals by

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The principle of gas-liquid chromatography is

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The heterocyclic nucleus present in nitrofurantoin are

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d-tubocurarine produces skeletal muscle relaxation by inhibiting

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d-tubocurarine produces skeletal muscle relaxation by inhibiting

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d-tubocurarine produces skeletal muscle relaxation by inhibiting

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Which of the following is not one of the triade effects of adrenaline leading to rise in blood pressure

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Which one of the following is not the biochemical marker of all death?

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In the transplant rejection the clinical features of graft-versus-host reaction includes following-Except

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 Which one of the following statement is true for cancer cells

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Rosacea is a skin condition that affect :

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A typical long bone consists of following parts except

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Which of the following Neurotransmitter is formed on demand and act immediately

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In one of the following situations metabolic acidosis does not occur

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Which one of the following is a organ specific (localized) autoimmune disease

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One of the following is not a chemical or histochemical change that occurs in infarction of heart

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 Following pairs represent antibiotic and its source. Identify the correct pair

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Who was the Chairman of the Drugs Enquiry Committee which was established in the year 1927?

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Plants which are not differentiated into root, stem and leaves are :

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Identify antiarrhythmic drug that increases duration of QT wave and decreases the sinus rate, whereas it has no effect on QRS complex

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As per the Drugs and Cosmetics Act-1940, if a drug is not labelled in prescribed manner it is a

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The major property of Ayurvedic herbs, "Rasa" indicates

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Except one of the following pairs represent drugs used in the treatment of glaucoma and their primary mechanism. Select the wrong pair from the following

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Auto rhythmicity is present in which of the following group of tissues ?

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During the denaturation cycle in polymerase chain reaction the temperature is raised to:

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The general purpose sodalime glass is not a suitable material for fabricating the container for

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In which year India signed General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) including Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)

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A fixed oil when added to an equal volume of ethanol; clear liquid is obtained; on cooling at O°C and on storage for three hours, the liquid remains clear such fixed oil is identified as :

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In shikimic acid pathway, chorismate mutase converts chorismic acid to

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Standards to be complied under D & C act -1940 for drugs imported, manufactured, stocked and exhibited for sale or distribution are covered under

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In colour test for alkaloids colchicine with mineral acids gives

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Nicotine from tobacco is an alkaloid which is

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In solid-solid mixing, large scale continuous type of mixer is

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Which one of the following is not affected in respiratory tuberculosis

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Identify phase of clinical trial having following features

(A) Trial is conducted on about 3000 patients
(B) Purpose of trial is therapeutic confirmation
(C) Safety and tolerability is evaluated on wider scale
(D) Completion of trial is followed by New Drug Application (NDA) Options –

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Which of the following Microorganism is used for the effective synthesis of interferon

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In yam, the presence of, irregular arrangement of the fibres, the ends of which often project from the surface is because of

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In International organization for standardization (ISO), standard pertaining to quality system model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing is given under

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In Aloe the mucilage containing parenchymatous cells are present in

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Mechanical digestion in mouth in which food is mixed with saliva is and the movement of food from mouth into the stomach is

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The Crystal form of Sulphacetamide is :

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As per the definition of D and C Act, Gudakhu (rubbed against human teeth) is considered as :

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Dragendorff's reagent is

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The fundamental principle "Law of similia" falls under which therapy

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 As per the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act and rules, the safe custody of “Forms” is with 

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Choose the CORRECT statement with respect to “The Pharmacy Act, 1948 :

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 Consumer who are loyal to two-three brands are considered as :

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 For protein detection most commonly used probe is 

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Penalty for the cultivation of any cannabis plant to produce, sell. purchase transport in contravention of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances Act and Rules on first conviction is

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In India the patent office has its head office at Kolkata and branch offices at :

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The relation between emissive power of the surface and its absorptlvity is given by

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 ELISA is based upon

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 What will be the Heat of vaporisation of 1 mole of water, when it has the entropy change (ΔS) of 35.2 cal/mole.deg (at 25oC) ?

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Retention hyperbilirubenamia is caused due to

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 Hardinge mill is a variant of :

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Which of the following is considered as differentiated product ?

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In Direct, Contact or Jet condensers, barometric leg serves one of the following functions :

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Identify the name of drug with the following structure :

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The following ACE inhibitor used in treating cardiovascular disorder is synthesized from the natural amino acids L-alanine and L-proline :

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The infra-red absorption peaks of Nujol is due to vibrations involving

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Permitted tolerance limit for a 100mL class B volumetric flask and 1000 mL class B volumetric flask according to BS 1792 specifications respectively are ______ mL

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One of the following is a most commonly used protecting group for amines :

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Choose the correct sequence of process during Atomization in atomic absorption spectroscopy

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Which among the following carrier gases has the highest thermal conductivity ?

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Phase solubility Analysis curve is not a good tool for

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Identify the named reaction;

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Which of the following inactive clotting factor is activated by the vitamin-K as a co-enzyme ?

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 Identify the molecule which will not exhibit Dipole moment ?

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The following combination of drugs are used in treating severe travelers diarrhoea :

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Reaction of an α-halo ester with an aldehyde or ketone in the presence of a base like NaNH2 gives α, β-epoxy carboxylic ester. This reaction is referred as :

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 Amylopectin, a component of starch gives ............... colour with iodine

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A technique of using very small metal particles coated with desired DNA in the gene transfer is called

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 Arrange the following steps in sequence of their order for production of recombinant Insulin

A. Fusion of A and B chains for disulphide bond.
B. Cynogen bromide treatment to remove methi onine and â galactosidase.
C. Introduction of A and B chain in the plasmid containing â galactosidase g ene.
D. Synthesis of A and B chain in E coli.

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Motif is represented by

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Henri Fayol’s principle “Espirit de corps” means:-

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As per Factories Act 1948, in CHAPTER VI dealing with working hours of adults, no adult worker shall be required or allowed to work in a factory for more than _______________ hours in a week.

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Which of the following agencies is not classified as an ‘executive agency’ for administration of the act under the provision of Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940?

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Which of the following fluid can be considered as an ideal fluid?

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Statement 1 : Vortex formation can be minimized by push pull mechanism.
Statement 2 : Vortex formation reduces the mixing intensity by increasing the velocity of impeller.

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How customer’s bias about the product will influence the marketing communication?

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Which of the following is not patentable in India as per The Patents Act 1970?

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Which of the following replacement of amino acid in a protein may produce greatest change in its conformation?

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The hexose monophosphate pathway produces distinctively two useful products. Identify these products with the ratio in which they are produced.

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 The correct statement about Vitamin D is

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All of the following enzymes are used in ELISA except

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 Which method is used for the Limit test for arsenic?

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The agent used to prevent the dental carries is

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