GPAT Exam 2021 Mock Test, Sample Paper 10

GPAT Exam 2021 Mock Test, Sample Paper 10 :- Hello friends, all of you are welcome to your own website. So friends, we keep bringing you some study material daily. I hope you all like all our posts. And today we have taken the GPAT exam mock test paper for you through this postGPAT exam, Online GPAT exam 10, Simple way of GPAT Exam 10, Pharma Exam 10, GPAT exam 10 online, Top 5 GPAT Exam, Sample for GPAT Exam, Mock Test For GPAT Exam 10, Simple SAMPLE PAPER for GAPT EXAM 10, TOP 5 GPAT EXAM sample paper 10.

By giving which you can increase your knowledge for GPAT EXAM 10, prepare yourself well, this test can prove to be very good for you, Most of the questions given in this test are taken from the old question paper of GPAT EXAM 10, so that you will also know what type of questions are asked in GPAT EXAM 10. GPAT Mock Test

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gpat exam 10

GPAT Exam 10

Based on GPAT previous Exam Question

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The basic unit upon which the systems of classification are based is

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Which of the following isothem are produced when the heat of condensation of successive layers is more than the heat of adsorption of first layer?

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The minimal effective flow rate of air in Luminar Flow hood should be not less than how many cubic feet per minute?

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 Convert 90% v/v alcohol to Proof strength. Choose the correct answer.

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 Which of the following pumps is used in handling of corrosive liquids?

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 What is the Heat of vaporization of water at 100:

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Which of the followings act as a non-ionic emulsifying agent?

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Which of the following Schedules include shelf life of drugs?

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  By addition of which of the followings the shells of soft gelatin capsules may be made elastic?

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 Department of Transport Test (DOT) is performed for which of the followings?

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How many mL of 50% (w/v) dextrose solution and how many mL of 5% (w/v) dextrose solution are required to prepare 4500 mL of a 10% (w/v) solution?

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 P-Glycoprotein pump is responsible for which one of the followings?

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The first stage of wetting on addition of a granulating agent to the powders is

characterized by which one of the followings?

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The degree of flocculation of a suspension is 1.5 and the sedimentation volume is 0.75. What will be the ultimate volume of deflocculated suspension?

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 A drug is administered to a 65 Kg patient as 500 mg tablets every 4 hours. Half- life of the drug is 3 h, volume of distribution is 2 liter/Kg and oral bioavailability of the drug is 0.85. Calculate the steady state concentration of the drug?

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Statement [X] :    Hofmeister series grades coagulating power of electrolytes as per their ionic size.
Statement [Y] :    The relative coagulating power is given by:

[P] Al+++ > Ba++    [Q] Li- > F-    [R] NH4+ > Na+ Choose the correct statement :

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Which one of the following alkaloids is derived from Lysine?

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Histologically the barks of Cinnamomum cassia and Cinnamomum zeylanicum differ in one of the following features. Identify that.

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The following characteristic properties are given in context of saponins:

[P] : Saponins give precipitate by shaking with water.
[Q] : Saponins are diterpenes and give foam on shaking with water.
[R] : Saponins are triterpenoidal compounds and cause haemolysis of erythrocytes.
[S] : They are steroidal or triterpenoidal compounds with tendency to reduce surface tension of water.

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Which one of the following constituents is reported to have anti-hepatotoxic activity?

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 All of the followings applicable to Lignans are correct statements except for one. Identify the INCORRECT statement.

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Naringin, obtained from orange peel, can be named as one of the followings. Identify the correct name.

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Rhizomes  of Zingiber officinale contain  some sesquiterpene hydrocarbons.  Some hydrocarbons are given below:
[P] : ß-Bisabolene     [Q]: Gingerone A
[R] : Gingerol            [S] : Zingiberene
Identify the correct pair of constituents present in the rhizomes.

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Listed below are the chemical tests used to identify some groups of phytoconstituents. Identify the test for the detection of the purine alkaloids.

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Atropine biosynthesis involves a pair of precursors. Identify the correct pair.

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Choose the correct answer for the binomial nomenclature of fruits of star-anise.

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Peruvoside is naturally obtained from one of the following plants. Identify the correct name.

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One of the followings is NOT required for the initiation and maintenance of plant tissue culture. Identify that.

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For the equation PV = nRT to hold true for a gas, all of the following conditions are necessary EXCEPT for ONE. Identify that.

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Atracurium besylate, a neuromuscular blocking agent, is metabolized through one of the following reactions. Identify that.

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Identify the metabolite of prontosil responsible for its antibacterial activity.

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The central bicyclic ring in penicillin is named as one of the followings. Find the correct name.

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Quantification of minute quantity of a drug from a complex matrix, without prior separation can be done using one of the following techniques. Identify that.

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Which one of the following fragmentation pathways involves a double bond and a y- hydrogen in mass spectrometry?

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 Larger values of Ky in the Heckel Plot indicate formation of what quality of tablets?

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 Which is NOT applicable to protein binding?

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According to USP, the speed regulating device of the dissolution apparatus should be capable of maintaining the speed within limits of what % of the selected speed?

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Which statement is NOT true for steam distillation?

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 What is Primogel?

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 Statement [P] : Soft gelatin capsules contain 12-15 % moisture.
Statement [QJ : Hard gelatin capsule shells contain 6-10 % moisture.
Choose the correct statement?

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A drug whose solubility is 1 g/L in water, when given orally at a dose of 500 mg is absorbed upto 95% of the administered dose. The drug belongs to which class according to the BCS classification?

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The area of clear opening of any two successive sieves according to Tyler standard is in the ratio of,

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Iodine-131 as sodium iodide solution is used as a radiopharmaceutical for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Its usage is dependent on the release of the following emissions:

[P] Alpha particles       [Q] Positrons    [R] Beta emission        [S] Gamma radiation
Choose the correct combination of statements?

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Alkenes show typical electrophilic addition reactions. If an electron withdrawing group is attached to one of the carbons bearing the double bond, what will happen to the mechanism of the addition reaction?

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Five-membered heteroaromatic compounds show a much higher rate of electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions than the six-membered ones. This is due to which one of the following reasons?

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Arrange the following Lowry-Bronsted acids into their decreasing order of acidity (highest to lowest)?
[P] C2H5OH    [Q] H3C-CsCH    [R] H20    [S] CH3NH2

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Aprotic polar solvents increase the rate of SN2 reactions manifold. Enhancement in the rate of such reactions is due to which one of the following effects?

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In context of complexometry (complexometric titrations), the two terms labile and inert complexes, are used frequently. Choose the correct statement about them?

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In colorimetric estimation of a drug, the following sequence of reactions is carried out: treatment of the aqueous solution of the drug with sodium nitrite solution in acidic medium followed by addition of sulphamic acid and then treatment with N-(l-naphthyl)ethylene- diamine in slightly basic medium to obtain a pink colour; which is measured at a fixed wavelength to correlate the quantity of the drug with the optical density. Identify the drug under estimation?

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 In the electrochemical series, the standard reduction potentials of copper and zinc are + 0.337 V and - 0.763 V, respectively. If the half cells of both of these metals are connected externally to each other through an external circuit and a salt bridge, which one of the following processes will take place?

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 Indicators used in complexometric titrations are chelating agents. Choose the correct statement about them?

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Name the compound used for standardization of Karl-Fisher reagent in aquametry?

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 Choose the correct statement for writing the sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide?

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 A carbocation will NOT show one of the following properties. Choose that.

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 Choose the FALSE statement for E2 mechanism in elimination reactions?

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 Polyamine polystyrene resins belong to which category of ion-exchange resins?

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Which amongst the following auxochromes produces a shift towards higher energy wave length?

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 Chloroform is stored in dark colored bottles because it is oxidized in presence of light and air to a toxic compound. Identify that.

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 Discrepancies in potential measurements involving factors like 'alkaline error' and 'asymmetry potential' are associated with which of the following electrodes?

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 What is the wavenumber equivalent of 400 nm wavelength?

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All of the given compounds show n —> a* transition. Identify which one will have the highest λmax?

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Which of the following alkaloids is derived from tyrosine?

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 Anomocytic stomata, trichomes with collapsed cell and absence of calcium oxalate crystals are some of the microscopic features of which plant?

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 A glycoalkaloid,
[P] contains sulphur in addition to nitrogen in its molecule.
[Q] is glycosidic in nature.
[R] can be hydrolysed to an alkaloid.
[S] always contains endocyclic nitrogen in its molecule.
Choose the correct option.

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 Which of the following drugs is a triterpenoid containing root?

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 The following options carry the name of the plant, part used and its family.   Find a WRONG combination.

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 Each of the following options lists the name of the drug, its class, pharmacological action and plant source. Choose an option showing a WRONG combination.

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 Which of the following drugs does NOT induce mydriasis?

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 Which of the following beta blockers has been shown clinically to reduce mortality in patients of symptomatic heart failure?

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 Patients taking isosorbide mononitrate or nitroglycerine should be advised not to take sildenafil. This drug-drug interaction causes which of the following actions?

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 Rhabdomyolysis is the side effect associated with which of the following classes of drugs?

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 Which of the following statements is TRUE for angiotensin-II?

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All of the given four drugs cause vasodilatation. Choose the correct statement about them.
[P] Bradykinin    [Q] Minoxidil     [R] Acetylcholine   [S] Hydralazine

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 Blood level monitoring of HbAlc is important in which of the given diseased states?

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Which of the fallowings is the most effective monotherapy for raising HDL cholesterol?

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 Which of the following pairs has high binding affinity for Sa-reductase?

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  Which is the molecular target for the vinca alkaloids as anticancer agents?

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 A 64 year old woman with a history of Type II diabetes is diagnosed with heart failure. Which of the followings would be a POOR choice in controlling her diabetes?

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 Which of the following parameters from plasma concentration time profile study gives indication of the rate of drug absorption?

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Which of the following skeletal    muscle relaxants acts directly on the contractile mechanism of the muscle fibers?

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  Choose the correct pair of the neurodegenerative disorders from those given below.

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 Mifepristone and gemeprost combination is used for medical termination of pregnancy. The action is caused due to which of the following mechanisms?

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 Upon standing sometimes gel system shrinks a bit and little liquid is pressed out. What is this phenomenon known as?    -

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  Study the following two statements and choose the correct answer: [P] Antibodies are serum proteins providing immunity.
[Q] IgG provides immunity to new born babies while IgM is the first generated antibody.

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 Non-linear pharmacokinetics can be expected due to
[P]    Enzyme induction [Q]   Active secretion
Choose the correct answer.

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Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?

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Which of the following routes of administration of drugs is associated with Phlebitis?

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Which microbe is used for validation of sterilization by filtration process?

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 Which wavelength of the UV light provides maximum germicidal action?

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Which of the following forces contribute to stability of charge-transfer complexes?

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 Molecules in the smectic liquid crystals are characterized by which one of the followings?

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Determine the correctness or otherwise of the following Assertion [a] and the Reason [r]:
Assertion [a] : For a pharmaceutical powder true density is greater than the granule density.
Reason [r]   : Mercury displacement used for determining granule density, allows penetration of liquid into internal pores of the particles.

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Define Plasmapheresis? Choose the correct answer.

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 Choose the correct sequence of Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate in packaging materials?

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What will be the dose required to maintain therapeutic concentration of 20 microgram/ml for 24 hr of a drug exhibiting total clearance of 2 L/hr?

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 The Reynolds number widely used to classify flow behavior of fluids is the ratio of which one of the followings?

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 What for the baffles are provided in a shell and tube heat exchanger?

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Which statement is FALSE for Association Colloids?

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 What will be the time required for a drug exhibiting first order rate constant of 4.6/hr to be degraded from initial concentration of 100 mg/ml to 10 mg/ml?

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 What will be the urine to plasma ratio of a weakly acidic drug having pKa of 5? [urine (pH = 5) plasma (pH = 7)]

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 If the distillation graph using McCabe Thiele method is parallel to X-axis, then the feed is which one of the followings?

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  S.O.S means which one of the followings?

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Which of the followings is NOT a reciprocating pump?

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 Boric acid is a weak acid (pKa 9.19) which cannot be titrated with a standard solution of sodium hydroxide using phenolphthalein as indicator. This titration becomes possible on addition of glycerol due to one of the following reactions. Choose the correct reaction?

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A tooth paste contains stannous fluoride and calcium pyrophosphate along with other formulation constituents. Choose the correct statement out of the followings?

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 An iron compound used as heamatinic agent must meet two requirements i.e. it should be biologically available and be non-irritating. Which one of the following compounds meet the above two requirements most closely?

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 Diels-Alder reaction can be earned out in which of the following heterocyclic compounds most readily?

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 Pyridine is more basic than pyrrole. This is due to which of the following facts?

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 In nucleophilic aliphatic substitution reactions arrange the following leaving groups in decreasing order of their leaving capacity?
[P] Brosyl    [Q] Hydroxyl    [R] Chloro    [S] Mesyl

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Which one of the given compounds can be used as primary standard for standardization of perchloric acid solution in non-aqueous titrations?

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Following are the desirable properties of the liquid phase used in GLC EXCEPT for one of the followings. Identify that.

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 To synthesize sulphonylurea antidiabetics, which of the following reactions can be used?

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In polarography, DME has a number of advantages. One of the advantages is that mercury has large hydrogen overpotential. It means which one of the followings?

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 In HPLC analysis what type of column would you prefer?

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 In an optically active organic compound a chiral carbon has the following attached groups:
[P]    -C0—CH3
[Q]    -C—OH
[R]   -CH = CH2
[S] —C=CH
Using 'Sequence Rules' choose the correct order of priority of the groups?

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Which one is an example of a bulk property detector used in HPLC?

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 A 250 jig/ml solution of a drug gave an absorbance of 0.500 at 250 nm at a path length of 10 mm. What is the specific absorbance of the drug at 250 nm?

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 Following statements are given for a chemical reaction:
Change in Gibb's free energy of the reaction has a negative value. Change in Enthalpy of the reaction has a negative value Change in Entropy of the reaction has a positive value Based on the above statements choose the correct answer.

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Which of the following statements is WRONG?

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The protons ortho to the nitro group in p-nitrotoluene are examples of which one of the following types?

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The peak at m/z 91 in the mass spectrum for alkylbenzenes is due to which one of the followings?

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 Which one of the followings is NOT bioisostearic pair

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The catalytic triad in acetylcholineesfcera«e is composed of which of the following amino acid residues?

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Which of the following statements is true?

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 (3-Carboline ring system is present in

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