Function Of human Brain

Function of Human Brain:-Hello Friends, में आपका एक बार फिर से स्वागत है आज हम इस Post के जरिये बताने जा रहे हैHuman brain के बारे में और इसके Funcation क्या है तो बने रहिये हमारी इस Post के साथ!

Brain is extremely soft and it is protective member occurring between skull and brain which support the brain and protect it form the external shocks and pressures. There are following three meaning form outer to inner side-

  1. Duramater
  2. Arachnoid
  3. Piamater


It is the outermost membranous covering which is formed of hard and dense connective tissue. It protrudes inward at some places. These Protrusions separate different part of the brain and keep them in their fixed position . These protrusions form four venous sinuses and also Folds.


It is the middle layer which is in the form of vesselless thin reticulum of collagen and elastin fibres. It remains separated form the duramater by a narrow sub-dural space which is filled with serous fluid . This fluid keeps the duramater and arachnoid  moist . There occurs a sub- arachnoid space in between arachnoid and piamater. It is connected with piamater through fine trabeculae coming out of it. Sub- arachnoid space is filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) which protects the brain from external shocks.


It is a soft and transparent membrane found below the arachnoid . This membrane is made of collagen and elatin fibres and is highly vascular. This membrane is always in contact with brain and spinal and covers up all the convolutions of the brain and also gets invaded into the fissures. At some places the protrusions of piameter get extended in the brain cavity. These protrusions are provided with the network of fine blood capillaries, known as choroid plexus. It is through these plexus, brain is supplied with oxygen and nutrient substance which continuously get trickled down in the cerebrospinal fluid.

Tissues of  the brain:-

The soft and delicate tissues of the brain contain about 100 billion(1010) never cells or neurons and 1 trillion nutritive and supporting neuroglial cell . The wall of the brain is differentiated into two layers: the outer cortical layer formed by the grey matter and the inner deep layer formed by the white matter. The grey matter contain mainly cyton of the neurons, their dendrites and neuroglial cells. In white matter there are fine stacks of the axon of myelinated nerve fibers which are called tracts. in addition to the myelinated axon white matter also contains dendrites and neuroglial cells.

Funcation of human brain


The human brain is larze, soggy and pinkish grey structure with wrinkled surface appearing like a walnut. Adult brain, on an average, weights two percent of their body weight, growing from a quarter of its size at the time birth the brain attains 78 to 80 percent of adult size within the first two year, and its full size at the age of six year.

Important topic

The ratio of weights of the brain and spinal cord of an animal is considered as a index to measure the intelligence level of the animal. This ratio is1:1 in case of fisher and amphibians whereas it is about 55:1 in case of human meaning by that our brain is 55 times heavier than the spinal cord. Through human brain is neither the largest (elephant brain is 4 time heavier) nor the most convoluted one (Brain of propoise is even more convoluted), it is by all old the best.