Essay:The Important Games&Sport

Essay:The Important Games&sport:-Hello friends welcome to in Today topic is Game & Sport. So I hope this topic is very useful in your study.

Introduction :

Game and Sport are very important in our daily life they make us . Healthy Wealthy and wise . A healthy body they play a very important role in a student life. They teach as a lesson of Co-apperation beauty and desciplane.

Kinds of game and Sport :-

There are different kinds of games and sport out of them some are indoor games and sport such as – cards, carrom,  ludo, chess. While some of them out door games and sports such as hockey , Football, Volleyball , tennis, cricket and rase the out door very important to the student for their physical fitness.

essay:the important games & sport

The Important To Physical:-

Game and sports are very important physical fitness. They make us active and smart they help in the development of physical and mental education their is an old pro-verb “A sound body process a sound mind”.

Important For National Unity:-

Game and sports help to make national unity a real sport man never cares for cast or colour and cread . He care only his society , Culture and nation they help then develop the felling of love of affection thus they to make national unity.

Means Of Reaction :-

Game and sports are hood socurace reaction if a student takes active part in game and sports he can become and ideal citizen the prepare a student to face the challengles of the line.

Good For Health:-

Game and sports are good for health. They refresh the mind and fill the body with fresh air. They keep us free from diseases and provide fresh oxygen . They make us more active.

Develop leadership quality:-

Dame and sports inculate leadership quality in a person student are the rulers of the future so it is very essential for them to have leadership quality hence sport should not be neglected.


Generally same people say that game and sport are not necessary for the student hey waste their time and energy . While some people say that hero is the field is zero in the class . But we should not for get that work while you work and play while you play. so game and sport are important in our life.

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