Dowry System In Our Country

Dowry System In Our Country:-Hello friends Welcome to today topic is dowry system. so let’s start.


Dowry is that property or money which is given unwillingly or willingly in the marriage. It is the most important item of a marriage now-a-day. It has been sold time and again that gods live there where women are worship . The success of a marriage is seen where money and gift are given free dowry has been and even know is regarded a sources of tax free income.

Daughter as a burden an parents:-

The birth of a daughter which was once treated as a sign of good luck is know regarded as a sarrow burden on the shoulders of parents. Parents generally rude and curse the day a daughter is burn to them an un qualified discrimination is made between Daughter and sons. The latter are preferred to the former in respect of nursing, upbringing, and education. Parents go warried about the marriage of their daughter of money bit by bit curtailing the requirement of the family.

unpleasant marriages:-

when parents stand in the marriage market to search a suited groom the find demands of dowry so high that their life long saving seem only drop in the can they borrow they are neck deep in dept for ever. If they try to cut their coat according to their cloth they have to tie up their daughter with unsuitable grooms. Such marriages always result in bitter relations.

A Sad Bride:-

If Parents are unable to comply with all the demands of the groom’s parents the bride has to undergo and suffers lot of sins of her parents . The number of suicides among teenage bride is very high in the country.    The Punjab government set on inquiry  into the caugses of sudden and untimely deaths of teenage bride and came to the conculison that teenage suicides or death among girls are the result of failures of the parents of bride to ful-fill their dowry promise.

Conclusion :-

Now people have started thinking seriously anout this social evial the government has banned acceptance of dowry the agawals. of Allahabad have taken step in this direaction the Akhil bhartiya Mahajan sabha has decided to accept one rupee in cash by boy’s parents as “Shagun” should be also organized in school, Collage and universities to dissculss this problem.