Describe Human Heart

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Human Heart:-

The heart of human being is a muscular , Conical, Hollow pulsatile organ situated in between two lungs in mediastinum part of thorax, on ventral side, Just above the diaphragm and slightly tilted towards left. Therefore its one third part is present towards the right side of mid line of the body while two third part is present towards left side. The broader part of the heart situated toward right side is called is base . It is tilted toward back or dorsal side. The lower pointed end of heart forms its apex which is tilted toward left and font or ventral side. In this way the apex reaches up to middle region of 5th and 6th ribs of left-side describe human heart

Heart is pinkish in colour and is about the size of our fist. It measure 12 cm in length and 9 cm in width. Its anteroposterior diameter is about 6 cm. It weight 320 grams in adult human males and 240 grams in adult human females.

human heart


our heart is covered by a sac called pericardium. This pericardium consists of two parts outer part- fibrous pericardium and inner part- serous pericardium

Heart wall:-

There are following three layers in the wall of the heart:-

  1. Epicardium

  2. Myocardium

  3. Endocardium


This is the outermost layer of the heart which is made of visceral serous membrane of the serous pericardium. This layer rests on a basement membrane and represents mesothelium.


Myocardium is the middle thick layer of the heart made of cardiac muscles cardiac muscle fibres are striated and branched but involuntary in nature. Myocardium is thickest at the apex of the heart and gradually become thin toward its base . Myocardium of left ventricle is thicker than myocardium of right ventricle.


Endocardium lines the cavity of the heart and made of flat squamous cells derived from endoderm of the embryo. This endothelium rest on a basement membrane . Endocardium of the heart continues with the endothelium of the blood vessels associated with the heart.