Cerebrum: and Describe The Cerebrum


Cerebrum :-

It is the most important and the largest part of the brain which is dome shaped form the above but is flat from below. A Deep longitudinal fissure divides the brain into left and right cerebral hemispheres. Both hemispheres are joined mutually in the deep by a wide band of never fibers, know as corpus callosum. The cerebral cortex of cerebrum is made up of grey matter whereas the inner part is made up of white matter. The surface of cerebral hemispheres is convoluted into many folds the elevated portion of the folds are known as gyrus and the deep grooves present in between them in known as sulcus. These folding increase the surface area of the cerebrum by about 3 folds.

Funcation Areas of cerebrum:-

Motor area:-

This is situated in the frontal lobe in front of central fissure which controls the initiation of contraction of voluntary muscles and their movements.

Sensory area:-

It is situated in the parietal lobe behind the central fissure. This is the site of feeling of pain, Cold, Heat, Stress and touch.

Premotor area:-

It is situated in the frontal lobe in front of motor area which is related to the coordination of muscle movements.

Brocas area:-

It is situated just above the lateral fissure and just below the premotor area. It is related to speech.

Speech area:-

It is situated in the lateral lower area of frontal love which is concerned with the perceiving of the spoken words.

Visual area:- 

It is situated at the lower ends of occipital lobe and is concerned with perception of the visual sensations and analyzing them.

Auditory area:-

It is situated on the temporal lobe just below the lateral fissure which perceives auditory sensations and analyse them.

Taste area:-

It is situated deep in the sensory area just above the lateral fissure which is responsible for perceiving taste sensation and analyzing them.

Smell area:-

It is situated deep in the anterior portion of the temporal lobe it receive smell sensation and analyses them.