Biology Quiz 1 : Based on NEET Exam

Biology Quiz 1 : Based on NEET Exam :- Hello friends, welcome to all of you, through this post today, we have brought a biology quiz for you. With which you can give as online exam and increase your knowledge, we give you many quiz posts like – GPAT exam, pharmacy exam, NEET exam, this quiz is also similar that will be used in every of your exams. So all friend after complete this quiz , Do not forget to share and comment after quiz complete.

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Biology Quiz 2 : Based on NEET Exam

Biology Quiz 1

Based On NEET Exam Preparation

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In Plants cell division occurs_____ Whereas in animals it occurs

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The statement nothing lives forever yet life continues illustrates the role of

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Which of the following groups consist of organisms which multiply by fragmentation

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Which of the following organisms do not reproduce

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Which of the following statements regarding the response of living organisms to external stimuli is correct

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A living organism is unexceptionally differentiated from a nonliving structure on the basis of

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Which of the following sets does not contains defining characteristics of living organisms

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_____ is the branch of science dealing with identification nomenclature and classification of organisms.

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First step in taxonomy is

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Founder of binomial nomenclature was

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Linnaean system of classification was based on

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Most name in biological nomenclature of living organisms are taken from which language

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Plants were given latin name because it is a

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In the Binomial system of taxonomy developed during the 18th century by C. Linnaeus the second word of an organism biological name represents

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